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    1. Anvaltia - High Fantasy Panfandom


      The mysts connect all worlds. It is said that there is a God who found himself and his followers lost in the mysts when they first formed, and that this God is the one who now opens the way for others, but this has never been confirmed or denied.

      The mysts have long been spoken of in many cultures and places, but few actually encounter them before or after death. Those who do have found themselves in other worlds they may have only dreamed of in the past. A select few have found themselves between the mysts, where anything is possible. It is here that Anvaltia was first formed.

    2. Awake My Soul - Reincarnation Panfandom


      Reincarnation is real. It doesn\'t work quite like expected however, with those reborn pulled into a new world to live out their next lives, with hints of their pasts surfacing in unexpected ways.
    3. Pandæmonium - Fantasy Panfandom


      The Gods have a new toy - beings from other worlds they've placed in their own world, to see what happens. These gods are fickle at best and have destroyed their own creations, leaving behind only a small handful of survivors. The city these outsiders established uses magic locals fear and conflict is sure to arise.


    4. Shades of Ibrovion - Original Fantasy


      The original gods have returned, but secretly so as to not start another war with their sister. They have chosen champions to fight for their cause and bring Light back to the world. Not all of these champions will be willing, but must learn to work together to save not only themselves, but the entire world.


    5. The Wicked End - Zombie Panfandom


      Most people thought the end of the world would come with fire and brimstone, not a creeping stillness, an illness borne on the wind and carried throughout the world. But that is what happened. No one saw it coming, until it was too late.


    6. Before the Fall

      A zombie apocalypse game, set in the Dying Light series.

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    7. Darkness Fell Across the Land

      Loosely based on SCP-1762. Fantasy, a realm once known for the many creatures and beings who lived there, lies in ruins. Strange portals, doors, and rooms that lead to the realm have appeared in other worlds, stealing away unknowing victims and dumping them in the ruins of Fantasy. Those who find themselves there are trapped - the various means of getting there do not lead back to their home worlds.

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    • Even when he was starving, he was one: giving it to her, and two: was being picky. There was just... something about the juxtaposition that was hilarious to her, but she focused more on the now opened can of beans being offered to her. Carefully, she reached out, keeping one hand around the edge of her blanket to keep it around her and the other trying to avoid those claws that held out the can of beans to her. Jade wasn't sure if the virus would pass to her through a scratch, though it didn't really matter for her, did it? She was already infected, already so close to the edge of losing herself for eternity, and she didn't want to go through that again. The woman had already done that and didn't want to experience it again.   Still, she managed to avoid getting nicked by those claws as she got the can from him, and without pausing, gulped down some of the contents. It was her turn to make a face, though, her nose crinkling as she finished swallowing down some of the beans. "OK, no, I don't blame you. Lima beans. Yuck."   Still, food was food, especially in the walled off city of Harran, where fresh supplies were limited to the extreme and every little thing mattered.
    • He couldn't help but feel a bit embarrassed when she laughed at the noise and then his expression, but at least she wasn't freaking out about it. He'd not meant to kill any positive shift in mood with his words, but there was so much they had to talk about... She seemed less afraid now, even if there was a lot of (understandable) caution. He was glad that she'd not had much chance to react to his explanation about his arms - besides the jaw, that was one of the things he hated the most. It was so different, so inhuman, and made him feel so very alone.    Kyle wasn't sure if he could still blush, but he imagined if so, his cheeks were probably quite flushed. Damned stomach. He was grateful to her for trying to hide the laugh, but also for making him feel more normal - something that he just... didn't feel anymore. "Not really. Beans. Didn't like them before, and they taste pretty vile now." He eyed the contents thoughtfully, glancing over to her. "No idea if you like beans. All yours if so." His body was always running on empty, due to how hard his feral self ran itself ragged at night. And no matter how many he went after, the hunger never lessened. Though, if what he sometimes woke up in was anything to go by, he preferred volatiles to humans.
    • "A couple people." She commented softly while he was still waking up, her eyes casting over him to make sure there were no injuries she'd not been aware of beforehand. She couldn't help but grin playfully at him. "Enjoy your nap?"    Lil pulled back from him to give him space to get up before she sat next to him. "Alfie wanted to talk to you before you left - something about the substations - and Rahim wanted to bother you but I scared him off."   She couldn't help but grin more, this time proudly but also playfully still.
    • Kyle had surveyed the room, noting that there'd not been much of anything there. It didn't bother him. He was an outsider, new to everyone at the Tower and he'd not made a good first impression. At least he'd been able to help out some, once he'd gotten on his feet. He'd not had long to think about everything though, as his exhausted mind and body had led to lights out almost the instant his head had hit the makeshift pillow.    Far, far too soon he felt a light shake to his shoulder. Not quite managing to stifle a yawn, he blinked his eyes a few times as he attempted to get them to focus. He acknowledged her with a slight nod and stretched, taking a moment longer to try and wake up just a bit more. "Thanks. As usual, even an hour goes far too quickly."   He pushed himself to his feet, rolled his shoulders and looked down at Lil. "Anyone come to get me while I was out?"
    • .CHARACTER { --accent1: #8d7073; --accent2: #5e4552; } .burnCON { width: 450px; height: auto; border: 1px solid; padding: 15px;} .burnIMG { width: 100px; height: 100px; border: 1px solid #e9e9e9; border-radius: 50%; padding: 10px; } .burnHEADER {width: 430px; height: 130px; padding-top: 10px; background-color: #0a0a0a; display: flex; align-items: center; justify-content: center;} .burnFOOTER { width: 431px; height: 80px; display: flex; align-items: center; justify-content: center; font-family: 'Oswald', sans-serif; text-transform: uppercase; font-size: 20px; background-color: #0a0a0a; color: #e9e9e9; } .burnPOST { width: 431px; height: auto; background-color: #0a0a0a; color: #e9e9e9; font-family: 'Hind', sans-serif; size: 11px; padding: 50px; text-align: justify; text-transform: lowercase; } .burnPOST i {color:var(--accent1);} .burnPOST b {color:var(--accent2);} .burnPOST b > i {color:var(--accent2);} Listen. Dead people never stop talking. maybe because death is not death at all, just a detention after school. You know where you're coming from and you're always returning from it. You know where you're going though you never seem to get there and   you're just dead. Dead. It sounds final but it's a word missing an ing. You come across men longer dead than you, walking all the time though heading nowhere, and you listen to them howl and hiss because we're all spirits or we think   we are all spirits but we're all just dead. Spirits that slip inside other spirits. Sometimes a woman slips inside a man and wails like the memory of making love. They moan and keen loud but it comes in through the window like a whistle   or a whisper under the bed, and little children think there's a monster. The dead love lying under the bed for three reasons. (1) We're lying most of the time. (2) Under the bed looks like the top of a coffin, but (3) There is weight, human weight on top that you can slip into and make heavier,   and you listen to the heart beat while you watch it pump and hear the nostrils hiss when their lungs press air and envy even the shortest breath.   I have no memory of coffins. short lyrics here by hanny
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