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Rage, Rage Against the Dying of the Light (Private)

Kyle Crane

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He'd nodded at her observation. That was the key word. Things were anything but normal here, so his usual way of doing things might not be the best approach. That said, he wasn't going to take her with to Rais' outpost.


"You're welcome to join up with me after I see Rais if you want. Going into the compound though - I'd rather do that solo so only one person is at risk if possible."


Kyle shook his head as she commented on him taking a nap. Much as he wanted to, it wasn't really an option. Just flopping down on his sleeping bag on top of the mattress in his room sounded amazing though, and he paused to think about it. Well, maybe an hour wouldn't hurt. It would allow him to be a bit sharper and faster if he needed to be.


"Yeah, the virus causes seizures entirely differently, from what I understand. Hopefully, if he rests and does what she tells him, he'll make a full recovery. Though getting him to listen is the issue." That was rich, coming from him, but it was a case of do as I say not as I do here.


Stepping out of the elevator and holding the door for her, he closed it securely after she'd made it through, then headed for the stairs so they could get down to medbay. "I think I will take you up on that, so long as you promise me you'll get me up in an hour if I don't stir on my own. They're depending on me to deal with Rais. Don't want to let 'em down."


He paused outside the medbay door, and looked down at Lil, hands on his hips as he did. He wondered if Brecken was in there or if he'd stayed up near HQ, to try and keep the extent of the injury hidden still. Either way, there was a lot to do. 

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"I can go with you as far as the safe house that's over that way and meet you when you're done? If you make it out of there alive?" Deep down, she had faith he'd make it out - it was almost like some elusive fact that she couldn't remember but knew was true. She gave a short laugh in agreement. "Yeah, getting him to rest is gonna be a Herculean task, that's for sure."


She hoped he didn't ask her to define what a Herculean task was - the language center of her brain had supplied it and it was out of her mouth before she could think if it was correct or not, but in context it seemed right? Fucking hell, this lack of memory sucked hard. Though it told her that she was very language centric, so maybe she liked reading a lot? Hard to say.


"Any particular way you want me to wake you up?" She teased, her smile lopsided and playful. It wasn't meant perverse, and her brain didn't even think of that venue of things. He was attractive, yes, but her brain just stayed in squeaky clean areas without an inkling. "And I get it. A lot rides on some of us."


Lil stopped outside the medbay as well, opposite Kyle as she swung her tattered bag back around in front of her again and pulled out the supplies that she had snuck out to get, as well as other souvenirs for her efforts. She then nodded to him and stepped through the doorway. "Lena? I'm back and in one piece!"


"Its about time. I was about to send Rahim out to find you." The annoyed doctor paused when she saw the offerings Lil presented her with, and her look softened. "Thank you, Lil. I... don't know what to say."

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She was smart, with a big vocabulary, and super caring and compassionate. All things that he valued. She was also cute, and a redhead - both plusses in his book. Not that this was the time or place for such things, but if they'd met under normal circumstances back in the US... well, he was sure he'd have asked her out for coffee or something like that.


"Uh... for waking me up, just a light shake. Anything else you may get me reacting instinctively. All that training, you know?"


He'd waited til there was a pause in the conversation with Lena to respond, then nodded to her. "I had her back while she was out, doc. You need me to run any other errands? If not I'm gonna take a quick nap-" He nodded to Lil and chuckled, "Her orders, and then go try and secure a deal for antizin from Rais."


He couldn't stifle the yawn after handing his own findings over to Lena.  Grimacing, he glanced over at the two women. "I think I'm going to go collapse face down on that mattress for a bit. If I'm not back in an hour, come get my lazy ass up." 

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Lena shook her head, her sharp eyes looking him over briefly. "Good. At least one of you has some sense."


She smiled, though, when he handed her the medications she'd asked him to get. "Thank you. I appreciate this more then I can voice. And good. You look dead on your feet, Crane."


She waved them off in dismissal, and Lil smiled as she led them to where she vaguely remembered Crane had been put up to stay. They'd just cleaned out the room for more people to have space, with the intent of putting more then just Kyle in there, but for now, they only had the space cleared and a mattress, sleeping bag, and a duffle of clothes she'd helped size up for him to change into. Lil made a mental note to clean up the place a little while he was gone on one of his errands - at least sweep up the trash and dirt and dump it out the window at any rate.


"I know its not much, but we just cleared this room, and the mattress isn't too bad either." She stepped aside for him to get a look for himself, though he didn't seem to care, flopping on the bed without even taking his shoes off. She smiled faintly before taking a nearby armchair and plopping it in the doorway as best and quietly as she could given her small frame. If anyone wanted to wake him, they'd have to go through her first. She sat in the chair, and looked at her watch to note the time, setting an alarm for an hour from then, before pulling a book from her bag to read.


The hour passed quickly with her head stuck in the book, and soon enough, her watch beeped at her incessantly. She jumped when it started, quickly shutting it off before she marked her space in her book and moved the chair back to where it belonged. Then came the question of waking the man without scaring him half to death. A gentle shake. Right. She quietly walked over to the sleeping man, looking him over briefly before gently resting her hand on his shoulder and shaking it. "Kyle...? Nap time's over."

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Kyle had surveyed the room, noting that there'd not been much of anything there. It didn't bother him. He was an outsider, new to everyone at the Tower and he'd not made a good first impression. At least he'd been able to help out some, once he'd gotten on his feet. He'd not had long to think about everything though, as his exhausted mind and body had led to lights out almost the instant his head had hit the makeshift pillow. 


Far, far too soon he felt a light shake to his shoulder. Not quite managing to stifle a yawn, he blinked his eyes a few times as he attempted to get them to focus. He acknowledged her with a slight nod and stretched, taking a moment longer to try and wake up just a bit more. "Thanks. As usual, even an hour goes far too quickly."


He pushed himself to his feet, rolled his shoulders and looked down at Lil. "Anyone come to get me while I was out?"

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"A couple people." She commented softly while he was still waking up, her eyes casting over him to make sure there were no injuries she'd not been aware of beforehand. She couldn't help but grin playfully at him. "Enjoy your nap?" 


Lil pulled back from him to give him space to get up before she sat next to him. "Alfie wanted to talk to you before you left - something about the substations - and Rahim wanted to bother you but I scared him off."


She couldn't help but grin more, this time proudly but also playfully still.

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