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The Write One

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Elizabeth "Chibi" Kilburn


28 . Medic/Healer . Dollmakers . Government

Chibi's adventures began quite by accident one day. She'd picked up an unknown device her inventor roommate had left lying around, and with a thunderous noise that left her disoriented, she found herself in the middle of a battlefield. A battlefield for the control of the Temple of Anubis in the fictional world of Overwtach, and somehow, they knew her. She had no idea how, but they did.


The device became known as the Temporal Device and over the next handful of years, she traveled from her own world to different ones with it. Depending on the world, time flowed either faster or slower then back home. She visited many places and made many friends, only ocassionally coming home to relax or to get her medications refilled via the subdermal patches on her upper left arm. Somewhere along the way, her roommate slipped medically repairing nanites into her system, helping her survive her sometimes rotten luck. Her confidence grew, as did a spark. It varied depending on the magic system in each world, but each world that she travelled to that she could tap into it from, the stronger it got. Magic, the Force, Chaos - it didn't matter. In the span of a year, she'd mentally aged a decade, but even her newfound powers couldn't protect her from everything.


Sometimes, things didn't go according to plan. Really, really didn't go according to plan. Like the time she was in Feudal Japan, fighting alongside a companion she had made. The nanites couldn't keep up with the damage done and she faded to darkness, waking up again in a tube filled with strange fluid and an oxygen mask over her face, naked as the day she was born. Once out of the tube thanks to her mad scientist of a roommate, she caught sight of the sheer number of clones of her, her roommate, and her significant other, and her roommate explained they were back ups, and yes, she had indeed died.


The trauma of her death led to fuzzy memories (and a new scar each time that drove her roommate up a wall because that wasn't supposed to happen), but that didn't stop her, even if each time was traumatic. Each scar was either a mortal wound, or a killing blow, and she kept them as hidden as possible - which wasn't hard given most were on her torso. Roughly 90% of those scars? They were her trying to protect someone she'd gotten close to in her travels, sacrificing herself for them. Having to explain how she survived whenever she came back, though, was difficult, usually resulting in a shrug or 'shenanigans?' as a response.


The worst scar, to her, was from the Clone Wars. Order 66 had been both a surprise and yet not at the same time. Her second in command, a clone nicknamed Deadeye who specialized in sniperwork, fell back, and her connection to the Force screamed out at her as so many people she'd grown close to were killed... She knew the timeline and she braced. A familiar darkness, and she woke with a gasp in a healing tube. She never went back - her story there was done. Instead, she focused on the time of the Rebels show and other adventures rather then focus on her grief. All the while, a massive scar hid under her hair on both sides of her skull.


It was during this time that there was an explosion 'off screen' (a time that the shows she loved didn't show), and she was caught in the blast. Rather then waking up in a tube, though, as was normal, she found herself on a strange platform, surrounded by people she didn't know and a foreign city stretching out around her. Already, her inner spark shifted and swirled, adjusting from the Force she'd gotten so used to whatever was native here. Even so, her nanites worked hard to repair the damage, though they were sluggish. She had no idea where she was, or how she'd get home, but she'd make the best of it.


The woman found a place among the healers quickly enough, with her talents leaning that way anyways, and while she sometimes helped at the hospitals, she found it most rewarding to help the critically wounded that came through the portals after her. To explain what was going on, and to point them in the right direction. It's been a week since then, and she's working on saving up for a better apartment then the three bedroom place she found in the poorer part of town.

The Write One

EST . other characters: So. Many. Others

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