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Sophia's Wants/Needs

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Are you okay with god-modding?  Only in benign circumstances (e.g. not in fight scenes, but positioning my character or taking them somewhere non-violent works).
Do you need to know the writer for any god-modding to be okay?  Preferred but not a deal breaker, communication is priority one in this case.
How much god-modding will you allow? Movement, positioning, being taken somewhere in a safe situation.

Ships [friendships, rivals, enemies, romances]
Are you interested in romantic ships? Absolutely.
Are you okay with others suggesting them to you? Absolutely.
How do you feel about finals? I'd need to be sure about my fellow writer enough to either suggest or be sold on a final. Things can be pretty fluid and setting things in stone is a big step.
Are you interested in friendships, rivals, enemies, etc. being suggested? Absolutely.
Which ones interest you the most? Friendships, rivals, romances
What sort of ships are you not okay with being suggested? I'm good with anything.

Mature Content [sexual content, language, violence] 
Are you interested in writing smut threads? Sure!
What amount of detail are you comfortable writing? Full range from Fade-to-Black all the way through to graphic stuff.
What sort of sexual roleplay are you interested in? BDSM, dom struggles, tender/loving couples, hatefucking, impregnation/pregnancy.. honestly a lot of stuff except for my squicks below. Ask and we'll discuss it.

How much cursing are you comfortable with? Cuss all you want at me, but watch for slurs. I'm okay if they're used sparingly and in context, but not otherwise.
Are there any words that are off limits or that you prefer to be used sparingly? None, but again, watch for slurs.

Are you willing to participate in threads where violence may happen? Absolutely.
What is your limit for details with violence in threads? Only limit is linked to content warnings.
Will you accept consequences if your characters are put in dangerous situations where they could be injured? Of course.
What are your limits in regards to violence happening to your characters? If it's life-changing or lethal it should be pre-agreed upon, otherwise go to town.

Are you comfortable writing plots where abuse is a theme? Yes.
Are there certain types of abuse you will not roleplay? Child, Domestic, Sexual.
What are your limits with plots involving abuse, if you are willing to participate in plots involving it? I will not participate in any plot that has active child, domestic or sexual abuse - backstories are okay, but if the plot revolves around one of these three things then I will not participate unless we are directly trying to stop/end it.

Content Warnings

Child/Domestic/Sexual Abuse

Posting Details
On average, what is the pace you tend to post replies? Multiple times a week, if not multiple times an evening.
How often do you want your partners to reply? Not fussy, RL comes first after all.
What is the longest you're willing to wait for new replies? About a month.
Are you okay with being reminded? Sure, just be aware if I'm having an anxious moment/bad time I may not respond well to reminders, or even at all.
How often are reminders acceptable, if you're okay with being reminded? Maybe once every 3-4 days.
How do you prefer reminders be given? Discord, PM.

I'm not into scat or watersports (female/AFAB squirting is okay), or diapers for that matter. Lots of other fetishes I can handle.


Definitely into "against the odds" scenarios, dystopias, "End of The World" kinds of scenarios where things are hopeless, also into plots that are more romance/sexual focused.

Plots you really want to do
I'd really like to do a Deus Ex kinda plot - have a character of mine go through a life-changing event and have to be augmented and explore the consequences of that in all the ways.

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