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IPB Basics

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ipb basics


Just a quick intro to the software.

There's quite a bit that's different from your standard jcink or proboards free forum host. We are running on the latest version of Invision Power Board, also known as IPB. There's a host of features that you can make use of here, which we'll touch on below.


One of the biggest differences between jcink and IPB is the sub-account option. While on jcink you had to register and switch between accounts, here you simply use the character tab. There is a guide found here which will walk you through the use of the character mod.


Posting is much the same as most forums - standard 'new topic' and 'reply' buttons like you'll find on most software choices. That said, there are a few different options when you are on the posting page.


The standard options for IPB are WYSIWYG like you see in word editors.  You can also use BBCode, which follows the phpBB rules and setup. You can view those here. Finally, the use of dohtml templates is available, though they don't always work as expected and you'll need some knowledge of HTML and css to get them to work correctly onsite.


The profile pages have quite a bit to them, such as the ability to set a cover photo like you would on Facebook. Please keep these images appropriate and tasteful. No nudity or offensive material, etc. You also have the ability to post status messages, though you'll have to enable that setting in your profile settings to get it. Finally, you'll be able to set moods that display with your post avatar. 


One other major difference here is the ability to create clubs. We're using these for the OOC areas for the mini-games, but you are also welcome to make them to host private mini-games or small group or 1x1 rps that you don't want available to the general public. Do keep in mind that these are still bound to our normal rules and admins can still see every post. These clubs are also great for fandom discussions or other such things - like crafters or artists or the like who want to chat with like-minded individuals and share their creations.


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