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New Hosting


Just a quick update.

Hi everyone!


As you may have noticed, we've recently transferred off of Jcink and onto self-hosting. There were a number of reasons for this, but primary among them was the fact that I had a license for Invision Power Board that's just been sitting there collecting dust. I love this software, especially the updated one. Jcink uses 1.3, while this is 4.4. Much of it's the same, though there are a few differences.


If you have any questions about anything at all, feel free to ask one of the staff members. My DMs are always open on Discord, and you're welcome to send me a personal message here as well if you don't want to use discord. This should be a relatively easy move, aside from a few hiccups with coding in posts. I've already started working on the OOC areas and the documents for the various games, but if you'd like help with dohtml that no longer works, feel free to poke me.


With that said, not all coding will work on the new site and my time is limited so I can only do a set number of coding conversions every week. I'll be opening up a shop, where you can post requests for conversions or help if you're not able to do them on your own. I'm hoping everything transitions smoothly, and look forward to getting back to writing with you all!


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