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New skins to choose from!

Hi everyone,

I was getting a bit restless with our old skin, pretty as it is. I've left both Gekko and Gekko Dark for those of you who prefer them, though there may be a few images and things that are not displayed quite correctly. That's something that I can't fix, as it's due to the new default skin(s). I will attempt to troubleshoot and bug support on Gekko, but only minimally on they are not compatible with the new skin's coding.

The new skin has the default dark, a medium, and a light version to choose from. The mini and main profiles have changed somewhat, and there are a lot more sections in the account profile fields to fill in now. I'll be outlining them below. This skin came with everything needed, so no additional stuff for mini or full profile sections.

Mini-games still have images, though the size has changed somewhat. You can find the details on that in the mini-game request post in the appropriate forum.

Finally, there's not a lot of images on the main index page or the forum thread view. The only addition is a single new gif. The new avatar size is 220x400, but most 250x400 should display fine.

Here's the list of sections to fill out:Alias



Member Profile

Plots Wanted

Gif - 150x150 or larger.



Profile Image - 220x400



Gif 2 (Rectangular)

Solo/Group/Games Preference

Triggers & No Goes


Player Age

Player Pronouns

Face Claim/Art?

Mature Content

Preferred Contact Method


Nickname/Preferred Name(s)


Wanted Title

Wanted Link

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