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Morrison, Jack [wip]

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A battle cry, a soldier's sigh, I wish I hadn't said goodbye. This time I won't be coming home.
OverviewBasicsFull Name: Jonathan 'Jack' Morrison


Age: 55


Birthday: ???


Race: Human


Gender: Male


Pronouns: He/Him


Occupation: Mercenary


Canon/OC? Canon


Canon Point: Shortly after encountering Gabe for the first time.


Time Here: From the start - one of the first through the rifts.


Fandom: Overwatch


FeaturesPlayby: --


Height: 6'1


Build: Muscular


Hair: White


Eyes: Red w/black sclera.


Tattoos & Piercings: None


Scars: Extreme burns across most of his body, two large scars across his lip and nose.


HealthPhysical ailments: Constant pain left over from the events back home, breathing troubles.


Neurological ailments: --


Psychological ailments: PTSD, depression.


Allergies: --


Addictions: Alcohol


Smoking: Cigarettes occasionally


Drugs: --


Alcohol: All sorts, JD his favorite poison of choice.


Traumatic experiences: Yes - experiments, dying and rebirth, among other things. Brainwashing and torture.
PersonalityJack was once a friendly and outgoing man, and while there may still be a bit of it in him buried deep somewhere, it's hidden quite well and protected by steel walls. He does not trust, and he hates most everything and everyone around him. The constant pain he's in causes him to be short and temperamental with everyone, and he has very little patience for anyone or anything. He is brutal in his methods, and does not hesitate to kill if people are in his way. He has one soft spot and that's Gabriel Reyes - the strike commander and his former lover. Though he insists he hates the man, he's spared him repeatedly and will likely do so again.

He's rough around the edges and harsh at best, but he does have his own moral code, even if it is slightly skewed from years of being the head of Blackwatch. There are some things he won't do, and harming innocents is top among those.

AboutJack was born to parents who owned a farm in a rural area in Indiana. He grew up expecting to take over running it when he was old enough and his parents wanted to retire. His teen years were spent working on the farm after school, but the rising conflict with the Omnics inspired him to enlist, despite his parents' protest. He promised them it would be for the initial term only; that he simply wanted to see the world and help out before he settled down. And that's what he thought, up until he saw his first battle and helped those in the middle of a battleground.

Not long after, his performance in the field earned him the attention of a special project, along with his commander - Gabriel Reyes. The two enlisted with SEP, a program the various military factions of the USA were working on to help resist the advance of the omnics around the world. This wasn't handled well, and a lot of corners were cut, leading to dangerous injections and experiments done to those in the program. Many didn't survive the 'enhancement' process itself, and those who did were sent into the most dangerous of situations, expected to clean up messes no one else could manage.

Through this, the UN became aware of them and when talks of a new group of the best from all over the world started, Jack and Gabriel were right at the top of the list. Throughout their time in SEP and in the field, they'd become close, best friends. Gabriel was the obvious choice for heading everything, as he'd been the one calling the shots up til then, and everyone liked his more aggressive style when it came to the Omnics. Through the war, he and Jack worked together, though Jack's bright nature and friendly nature made him the obvious choice for dealing with the press.

When the war was over, he expected to be Gabriel's second in command, with their good friend Ana as head of the Blackwatch unit being officially formed. When they met with the UN officials though, everyone was surprised when Jack was shunted to Blackwatch and Ana was put in his position as second in command under Gabriel. He'd looked to Gabe, expecting the man to have his back, to protest and right things. It didn't happen, and Jack was thrust into a role that he was not suited for. It seemed the public wanted Gabriel's rougher brand of handling things and Jack was no longer needed as the golden boy for the cameras.

Jack tried hard to do what his job required, while still maintaining the inner light so many people had commented on helping them, but as his missions got darker and less black and white he had to start crossing lines and doing things that he hated. Eventually, he was forced to utilize torture techniques that went against everything he stood for, and as the darkness took hold of him, he became bitter and angry. He and Gabriel had become a couple, though they held off marrying, due to pressures from UN officials who had sons and daughters they wanted to be seen on Gabriel's arm.

But Gabriel didn't want to listen to Jack's stresses at work, wanting to just spend time together, and so Jack had no outlets. Left at home during functions, left to stew, and to continue to spiral into darkness as his hands grew bloodier by the day. Eventually this led to a breakdown where he snapped and killed one of his prisoners during an interrogation. Only Gabriel was able to overpower him enough to pull him off. He was restrained until he came back to himself, and discovered that Ana had had words with Gabriel. They were supposed to go on several dates and get Jack some much needed R&R. It worked, at first, and Gabriel listened to him.

But within a month, things were right back to where they'd been before, with Gabriel not checking on Jack or letting him talk about things stressing him out at work. This time Jack bottled it, and bottled it, and bottled it. Moira took advantage of his isolation and began to whisper in his ear, coercing him into experiments that took the 'accidents' that Gabriel's SEP reactions had caused (and Moira had stabilized) and turned them into abilities he could use. The experiments took some time, and there were several setbacks, but finally - finally - he had them under control and hidden. At first he'd developed claws like Gabriel had, before he'd been stabilized, but once Moira had addressed that, he could call on that form and also teleport - shadowstep - like Gabriel had been able to before Moira had fully stabilized his cells.

As the years continued on, he discovered corruption inside Overwatch, and began to try to root it out. All the while, Gabriel continued on as Strike Commander. Their personal relationship suffered, despite efforts by both to make it work. Gabriel was expected to have dates with UN officials children, and this continued to erode their relationship until Ana stepped in and stopped Gabriel from doing something that would have ended things between them. Though Jack had wanted to ask Gabe to marry him that night, he was afraid to take that step, not knowing if the other man felt the same. After a night together, where they talked, he got caught staring at the rings and decided to spring the question. Seemed Gabe had the same idea, and despite their struggles, the two decided to tie the knot quickly, and Gabe put his foot down at functions, so only Jack (or Ana when he couldn't make it) were his dates for things.

He continued the experiments and went undercover as a double agent in Talon, who he'd found infiltrating Overwatch, intending to unwind all the threads and follow them back to the source. Unfortunately, this led him to find that all levels in Overwatch and in the UN (and many of the world's governments) were compromised. He was confronted by a nameless, faceless individual, who basically held Gabe, and all those he cared about hostage. Should he make a move, they would destroy everything he cared for. For another year, things continued, until he and Gabe were at each other's throats all the time. Intel he'd had could have saved Ana, but he'd held back, unable to risk everyone else and had hoped she'd be able to save everyone and herself.

When Gabriel had discovered that he'd had information and hadn't alerted them, the two came to blows. Jack didn't move out of their personal quarters, but threw himself into the research Moira was doing, and took many more cases to keep him out of their shared spaces aside from work meetings. In meetings, they shouted and fought, and things got nasty. Then the incident with Antonio happened, and Jack killed the man with his bare hands, not even bothering with a gun when he was mocked and pushed too far. The incident resulted in Blackwatch being suspended temporarily, though further actions that went beyond what they were charged with ended in a more permanent suspension while Gabriel figured out what to do with the various agents.

Jack was in deep trouble already from the Venice incident, and when the uprising in London happened he 'conveniently' had an agent on the ground for 'vacation'. This let Gabe make the decision to move on the omnics and put the issue to rest. It ended well, but there were even more issues between Gabe and Jack due to Jack's attitude toward the strike commander. Someone let something slip in the weeks following, revealing his involvement with Talon, and he was hauled in front of Gabriel and grilled for hours. When he revealed what he'd been doing, Gabriel understood but was furious that he'd been kept in the dark. He also didn't fully believe Jack, and ordered him stripped of his access and confined to quarters until he could get to the bottom of things.

This was too much for Jack, and he packed his belongings and moved out into his old quarters, which had stood dusty and unused for years. A beep on his datapad had him scrambling to see if it was Gabriel. What met his eyes instead caused a great deal of panic. We warned you what would happen if you told. Too late now. He raced back to where Gabe was, barging in on the man while he did paperwork, and dealt with the angry glare and shouts aimed his way by the man and those guarding the door.

After explaining himself further, Gabriel lifted his blocked access and the two began to race around the compound, trying to find where the bomb the enemy had warned about might be. What most people saw and remembered later was the furious shouting and angry words between the two men, not the frantic search after the fact. Only the blare of the evacuation alarms - which came too late. Exhausting himself to the point he couldn't ghost anymore to search for it. He didn't realize it, but he'd come very close. When the main explosion rocked the base, he was very near it and found himself pinned under the rubble.

That's where Gabriel found him, dying. He didn't have energy to say anything, or even to move, and barely registered the older man curling around his upper half, the only part that could be reached past the rubble. Everything went black shortly after that and when he woke some time later, he didn't remember those final moments, or the panicked search for the bomb. Only the argument and the feeling of being totally and completely alone remained. That was the state he was in, barely able to form into himself, pain and confusion making it hard for him to remain corporeal, when Moira and several of her Talon agents found him.

She helped to put him back together, doing further experiments to get his form stable. She also worked in several things to help her control him, so she could plant suggestions or tweak memories as needed to keep him focused on what she and Talon wanted. It wasn't hard to start, as he felt betrayed and abandoned by Overwatch and his husband. Though it was tempered somewhat when he discovered that Gabriel had died. In fact, the grief of that loss, despite everything, caused him to shut down and compartmentalize. This was to their advantage though, as it made the programming with the nanites that much easier.

For several years, he worked on rooting out those who'd caused Overwatch to fall, both in Talon and Overwatch, as well as in the various governments around the world. Each name he crossed off his list killed him a bit more, the deaths doing nothing to ease the fury and pain he felt at the fall of everything he'd helped to build. Talon didn't mind letting him go after most of those on his list, but Moira did alter his memories and perceptions on a few of those who were still valuable to Talon, so he wouldn't pursue them.

During this time, rumors of a soldier reached his ears, and though he didn't pay much attention at first, what people began to call him and he adopted as his own name hit Jack hard. Soldier 24. That had been Gabe's number in SEP and also the early days of Overwatch, while his had been 76. The first time he got a look at the man, he was sure it was a ghost he was seeing, as all signs said Gabriel was dead. But after seeing him from a distance repeatedly, he became convinced that the man had somehow survived.

Their first confrontation wasn't pleasant, with him encountering a second ghost in the form of Ana, who drove him off and rescued Gabriel. He pursued them angrily for a time, his tampered memories and the repeated 'treatments' from Moira (that were more akin to repeated torture and caused him more unending pain due to the nanites and his rapidly deteriorating cells being rebuilt by said nanites. Eventually, he and Gabriel clashed, with Angela and Ana nearby, and his nanites were overloaded, causing him to collapse into a whirling cloud of whirling smoky black nanites, leaving him in agony. The overload undid all the tampering of memories and attitudes toward people, giving him back his true memories and beliefs.

It was at this point that he was pulled through at the beginning of the disaster, and found himself in a solid form, with no rapidly decaying cells. Though that and his nanites were gone, the intense ongoing pain remained, leaving him with some struggles, despite his strength and stubbornness. The situation has caught him off guard, but he's determined to adapt and survive as best he can.


Skills and AbilitiesJack is trained in a variety of combat methods, from hand to hand, daggers, knives, and many firearms. He is also a tactician and leader. His skills also include a variety of wetworks methods, and torture/interrogation methods to get people to sing. He is shrewd and sharp, and cunning, and knows how to work out the weaknesses in everyone and how to weaponize them.

WeaknessesJack suffers from intense, ongoing pain as a result of the experiments done on him back home, as well as his 'death' and rebirth after the explosion. He also has extreme PTSD from both the many battles and conflicts he's been in and the incident that destroyed Overwatch. Knowing what he's done, and all the blood he has on his hands, some of it innocent haunts him. Having his memories tampered and being essentially brainwashed has left him questioning all his memories and recollection of things, as he has a hard time telling what is real and what might be remnants of tampering. He has a temper, a black one. Finally, though he originally had a moral compass that guided him true, it has become warped somewhat and he can't always make the best decisions that others will agree with, even if they do get results.

GearJack currently has the following:

-1 bodysuit of armor

-1 undershirt

-1 set of combat pants

-1 set of combat boots

-1 set of heavy duty military grade gloves

-1 pulse rifle, with 2/3 energy charged

-3 extra energy cartridges for the pulse rifle

Jack MorrisonSalty Archmage. 35. Mountain.
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