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Shipwright, Amelya

Amelya Shipwright

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Amelya Shipwright


30 . Rogue . N/A . Worker

Amelya's life was fairly ordinary, though for her, it was miserable. The woman felt confined, and she knew there was more to life then being married off, even if that's what her parents wanted for her. It would make their station in life secure, and make sure Amelya was taken care of in the long run. She hated it, and was very vocal about it. The girl and her parents constantly butted heads, and the tension was made worse when her father was injured and couldn't work. Theft or selling herself were the two options, alongside her mother and older sister. While the other two chose the latter, she went for the former, taking too much pride in herself to submit to a man for money.

It was through her thieving that she gained a good amount of skill in stealth, but the beginning was fraught with encounters with the guards. This left her in the jail for a night, leaving her with a warm meal at least and a roof over her head. But it wasn't providing for her family. Every night in jail was another lesson learned, and she was captured less and less. Eventually, Chief Nichol Strongsteel extended her an offer to go undercover for them. She would be paid and protected, and she said she would think about it.

The first war came, leaving the city in disarray and a prime target for many criminals. It definitely left many shops closed, and Amelya found food to be a good material to fence, slowly getting better at hawking what she stole to pawnshops and to other interested parties. That is, until one night, when someone she didn't recognise cornered her in an alley and beat and raped her.

It was a message. A message to her father and sister to pay their dues for the drugs they'd been addicted to. Amelya took Chief Strongsteel's offer, and began working to gain the attention of the Rogue's Guild. It worked, and she was able to keep an eye on what came and went through the Guild. She became known as Amy Ross there, and she fit in well.

As she became more proficient and trusted in the guild, she learned more and more of the drug trade through her contacts, and bit by bit chipped away at some in the city, handing over the evidence she'd gathered to the constables and investigators. When the Civil War came, Amelya kept her head down, doing her job even as her main protector, Nichol, left to fight. Nightmares plagued her from her attack, and she just wished he'd return. They'd grown close, but he didn't return her feelings, and she didn't blame him. She was tainted.

Finally, the man returned, and she was able to continue her work, knowing the man had her back. And that is what she's been doing to this day.


EST . other characters: Thelessia, Rowen, Ysabelle, etc

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