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[dohtml]https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Poppins:400,700' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>


Post here please!

Affiliates are welcome! We have static and scrolling available. There are 18 static and 24 scrolling. We also have a limited number of sister site slots available, though these are on a case by case basis - if you're interested in that please contact Salty on Caution or RPG-D.

Please use the provided form to request affiliation. We will check for our button when you post, and it must be up before you ask for affiliation. We'll give you 3 days to get it up if we don't see it, at which point we'll remove your button. We also do affiliate sweeps every 2-4 months.

Our Buttons:

[unless specified, all buttons are by Salty Archmage]


<a href="http://justimaginerp.com" target="_blank" alt="Just Imagine"><img src="http://files.jcink.net/uploads/justimagine/minibutton1.jpg"></a>


<a href="http://justimaginerp.com" target="_blank" alt="Just Imagine"><img src="http://files.jcink.net/uploads/justimagine/minibutton2.jpg"></a>

[b]Site Name & Link:[/b] HERE[b]Button:[/b] CODE HERE[b]Where is ours?[/b] Static for static, scrolling for scrolling please.

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