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unnamed charmed game


THE PLOT: The year is 2028 and the world is practically unrecognizable. Thanks to the First Witch, Neena, magic was exposed on a level that neither the Cleaners nor the Elders could cover up. The higher ups were worried about a repeat of the Salem Witch Trials with everyone either screaming for us all to be burned at the stake or begging us for miracle cures to their everyday problems, so the Elders encouraged people to exercise caution. The recruiters for Magic School became even busier, eager to pull anyone that was unable to control their powers into the safety of the school. A lot of parents bound the powers of their younger children, wanting their child close in these worried times.



However, everyone was pleasantly surprised at how well the human world seemed to take the revelation that magic was real. There were a few voices who called for fire and stakes, but they weren't loud enough or many enough to really cause a major stir. A few laws were passed in order to try to protect magical users, but they were very few and far between. The magical community's fear of prosecution and hatred began to die down a little and people began to relax, falling back into old habits. Magic wasn't openly shown and most magic users worked to remain hidden, but that fear was slowly beginning to fade into the background.



Like all good things, this peace wasn't lasting. About three years after magic was exposed, the first terrorist attack happened. The media blamed several different groups and might have kept aimlessly casting about for more people to blame if it wasn't for one politician, Joseph Blackwood. He was the one who began pointing the finger at magic users, blaming us for the attack. He claimed that it wasn't a "normal" terrorist attack, that the usual evidence of bombs wasn't found in the rubble. Two more attacks happened and, once again, he began blaming us. London, Berlin, Las Vegas. There were so many lives lost and so many who were utterly devastated and heartbroken, they needed a place to throw their blame and their anger.


There were protests and calls for legislation to limit the rights of those in the magical community. They wanted us locked up, muzzled, given our own area far away from "normal" society, and some even called for us being burned at the stake. The Elders formed a council of powerful magical users and met with the United Nations to try to come up with a peaceful solution for the chaos. Meeting after meeting happened and, for a long time, things seemed to be working out. Legislation was passed to protect both magical users and regular humans, laws against magical discrimination was passed, and there were even "safe" zones for magical users established.



Everything went downhill three years ago when a series of attacks happened simultaneously all over the world. Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Beijing, Tokyo, Dubai, Mexico City, and the list just went on and on. Numerous lives, both "normal" and magical were taken, families were ripped apart, and cities were practically leveled. So many places looked like a war zone and there was enough evidence for both sides to point blame at the other. The world was on the verge of tearing itself apart at the seams when one more unthinkable and seemingly impossible thing happened: The Charmed Ones were murdered.



Now, tensions are higher than ever with both sides being manipulated by forces unseen, the Power of Three is currently out of reach, and the Charmed Ones' children are deep in hiding and scattered to the four winds. There's a war coming and sides are being chosen every single day.



Where do you stand?



COMIC ELEMENTS INVOLVED: Very little from the comics will be used for the overall game. The general plot with Neena revealing magic on a grand scale and the Elders removing Wyatt's "Twice Blessed" status to keep him from being over powered will be used. We will also be using the names of the kids that are given in the comics, but that's about it.



THE POWER OF THREE: The Charmed Ones did actually die and there is currently no Power of Three replacement. However, I am toying with the idea of the eldest three girls in the family (Melinda, Tamora, and Kat) eventually inheriting the Po3 status. It'll take a while and come with some major character and plot development, but it will happen.



AVAILABLE CANONS: The Charmed Ones' kids, Joseph Blackwood, Bianca (and other Phoenix witches), Billie Jenkins, Billie's daughter (who needs to be named), Prue Halliwell (as a whitelighter only), Simon Marks and his family (the guy who tried to 'steal' Paige away from Henry). Will probably end up writing a few more, including demons.



WORLD SCOPE: Plots and the general game will take place all over the world and have more than just a focus on the Charmed Ones' kids. I want to involve even OCs in major plot events and allow them to feel as if they have an impact over the overall story.

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