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  1. Anvaltia - High Fantasy Panfandom


    The mysts connect all worlds. It is said that there is a God who found himself and his followers lost in the mysts when they first formed, and that this God is the one who now opens the way for others, but this has never been confirmed or denied.

    The mysts have long been spoken of in many cultures and places, but few actually encounter them before or after death. Those who do have found themselves in other worlds they may have only dreamed of in the past. A select few have found themselves between the mysts, where anything is possible. It is here that Anvaltia was first formed.

  2. Awake My Soul - Reincarnation Panfandom


    Reincarnation is real. It doesn\'t work quite like expected however, with those reborn pulled into a new world to live out their next lives, with hints of their pasts surfacing in unexpected ways.
  3. Pandæmonium - Fantasy Panfandom


    The Gods have a new toy - beings from other worlds they've placed in their own world, to see what happens. These gods are fickle at best and have destroyed their own creations, leaving behind only a small handful of survivors. The city these outsiders established uses magic locals fear and conflict is sure to arise.


  4. Shades of Ibrovion - Original Fantasy


    The original gods have returned, but secretly so as to not start another war with their sister. They have chosen champions to fight for their cause and bring Light back to the world. Not all of these champions will be willing, but must learn to work together to save not only themselves, but the entire world.


  5. The Wicked End - Zombie Panfandom


    Most people thought the end of the world would come with fire and brimstone, not a creeping stillness, an illness borne on the wind and carried throughout the world. But that is what happened. No one saw it coming, until it was too late.


  6. Before the Fall

    A zombie apocalypse game, set in the Dying Light series.

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