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  2. [dohtml] http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Lobster+Two' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>I.Gabriel ReyesWhen the soldiers look away and now we stand at heaven's door... BasicsFull Name: Gabriel ReyesNicknames/Aliases: Gabe, Gabi, ReaperAge: Forty-EightDoB: ???Race: HumanGender: MalePronouns: He/HimAlignment: Chaotic GoodAffiliation: The GuardProfession: N/ALanguages: English, Spanish, some FrenchCanon/Original? CanonFandom: OverwatchCanon Point: Fall of Overwatch, just before he turnedPlayby: Screenshots, artAppearanceHeight: 6'1\"Build: Lean but muscularHair color: BlackEye Color: Honey brownTattoos: NonePiercings: NoneScars: Some under his clothes, a pair on his right cheekVoice: Rich tenorDemeanor: Gruff, determined, fierceHealthPhysical Ailments: A gnawing hunger for more then just food that doesn't go away completely.Neurological Ailments: ---Psychological Ailments: PTSD; mild insomnia; paranoiaAllergies: NoneCurrent Addictions: NonePast Addictions: SmokingSmoking: Not anymoreDrugs: NoneAlcohol: Once in a while, more frequently latelyTraumatic Experiences: The SEP experiments, losing men, nearly losing Jack during the experiments, being a guinea pig to Moira, discovering traitors in their midsts, a building collapsing on him and being left to die, the expression of the person he killed when he ate the first person's soul.II.DetailsSkills & Abilities:A strong leader, he also has a large knowledge base of various weapons, though his preferred is shotguns, as they are up close and personal weapons. Due to his experience with SEP, he's tougher, faster, and heals more quickly then most unenhanced humans. Gabe also has the ability to step from one shadow to the next (a form of teleportaion), allowing him to be an adept spy when he needs to be. Weaknesses: Unfortunately for Gabriel, his abilities to teleport and his increased capabilities has resulted in a strange side effect: a constant hunger that can only be filled by a specific thing. And that thing is souls. He doesn't need them often, but they are the only thing to sate the ache deep in his belly, and the more damaged he gets in fights, the hungrier he gets. He is very loyal, and that is both a good and bad thing.Anything else? --- AboutGabriel Reyes grew up in a multicultural household in Los Angeles. He had an interest in theatre and costume making, but bullies made the man acquire a rather prickly outside to protect the more sensitive side he possessed. Shortly after high school, he enrolled in the military, where he rose quickly through the ranks. This rise tapped him for the Soldier Enhancement Program, where he met his future best friend and lover, Jack Morrison. Of course, the former was bristly and wanted nothing to do with Morrison, but the latter's persistance won out in the end.The Omnic Crisis saw the formation of Overwatch, which Gabe and Jack both joined, and their friendship continued to deepen, though Gabe never really thought about it. Instead, he focused on his job, until once again, Jack dragged him out of his prickly shell. It was during the crisis that Gabe underwent further genetic manipulation, allowing him to infiltrate where others couldn't. Overwatch was successful in putting down the Crisis, landing Jack a position that Gabe had wanted. He was happy for his friend, but at the same time, a seed of resentment was buried. This seed bloomed as Jack had less and less time for him with his new duties, and his position in Blackwatch led him down dark paths as things started falling apart for what was essentially his and Jack's baby. Cracks were forming, and as Gabe dug deeper, things looked more and more grim for him and his lover. And then the explosion happened, and everything went black. Gabe awoke in Infernum, confused and lost, and worst of all, alone. Where was Jack? And was he OK? III.alias 30 - EST???[/dohtml]
  3. Chibi's head shot up at the offer, her hazel eyes wide with confusion at the offer. It caused her words to stammer, to stumble over themselves. He... he wanted her to stay with him? Really? Someone like her? Hanzo... the last time she'd seen him, he'd been barely an adult. She couldn't believe she'd made that much of an impression on him. She opened her mouth, then shut it again, before she finally found her voice again. "Wha-what? You actually want me to stay with you? I... that's so generous!" The woman wasn't sure what else to say about that, though her stunned expression changed into a grin after she'd gotten her thoughts together. It was a marvel how luck turned around so quickly. Just minutes ago, she'd been drenched to the bone in a cold rain, her coat stolen and her prospects weak... then this. "I'd... I'd like that, Hanzo. Thank you so much." Carefully, Chibi put the cup down and stood up, walking to him and hugging him tightly before even thinking about it. Her gratitude was real and genuine in that moment, in that hug. Though, as she hugged him, she became aware of a distinct problem and her cheeks heated up quickly, forcing Chibi to hide her face in his chest. "Didn't think you still felt like that, Hanzo-kun..."
  4. His shoulders relaxed marginally when Deadeye was assured that his position didn't land him in trouble with his potential roommate. Still, the man had his complete attention. A bounty hunter, huh? Well, a mercenary as he called himself, but still. Slowly, he unconnected his hands and wrapped them around his drink instead. "I'd prefer if you tried to keep it out of the house, but I also can understand sometimes not being able to keep it outside. I've had experience in that field too, actually, before I was well... brought here." Her bright smile; her giggle and laugh. The pain that ran over her face when faced with something gruesome. It made him just want to hold her close and protect her from the horror of what they were supposed to do. He sighed at the memory, his hand absently going to his chest and rubbing at the spot in question where he'd been shot. "At least we'll have a healer to take care of us, right?" He smirked a bit at the jest, leaning back against his seat and casting a look around briefly, just out of sheer habit. It was hard to shake some of that from his training, but there was always the watching his back he had to do with his bounty hunting himself. "Bounty hunting is a rough business." "What can you tell me about the healer, exactly?" He took a drink, quick, more of a sip then a true drink. "She sounds like something else to be staying with a mercenary."
  5. He smirked again in appreciation at the other man's willingness to learn more about him. Not to mention the cursing the man did. It was a lot like his Commander's, honestly. She had such a unique dialect, and he'd always enjoyed learning from her. That just made it so much more painful to think about, actually. He forced himself to focus on the man next to him, pushing memories of her away. "Yeah. She was one Jedi that... shouldn't have been on the front line, if I'm being honest." He ran his hand through his short hair as he thought about it. She was so gentle and kind. She shouldn't have been out there fighting... and yet she'd surprised him and the others again and again with her tenacity and compassion. At the admittance of where he'd been killed, Deadeye pulled down his collar to show the wound from where he'd been shot through the heart. "Seems we both got taken down by a lucky shot, huh?" "Sniper, sir. Pretty damn good one if I do say so myself." He grinned with pride, letting go of his shirt and shifting it back into position to fend off the cold. Just the brief show sent a chill through him and he shifted to try and get some warmth going again. "And more than happy to help, honestly. It's what I was trained to do. You?"
  6. Deadeye fidgeted as the group waited. It was a big deal that Jack of all people was getting the promotion, and he and the others wanted to treat their new leader right. The Special Forces Lieutenant couldn't think of anyone better to lead them, and he grinned as Alucard and Jack came into the room. It also wasn't any surprise when he was one of the first people standing up to cheer and clap for one of their own. The grin on his face was hard to miss; it wasn't an expression he had often, honestly. It was usually smirks and soft smiles - things he'd picked up from his former General back home. This would be good for Jack. It'd keep him busy and give him a more focused purpose then just waiting for a call out to deal with the nasties that found themselves in his city. Still, he made his way through the crowd with surprising grace and ease, though overwhelmed by all the noise at the same time. Finally, he made it to his friend's side and clapped him on the back as ideas were thrown out for where to go for drinks. He'd be a good soldier and not drink. Someone needed to keep tabs on everyone after all, and he was trying to not go down that road again anyways. "Congrats, Morrison. You deserved this!"
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  8. [dohtml] https://s19.postimg.cc/i9l5leaur/photo-1502495464426-51970a64f4a8.jpg)\"> https://cdnw.nickpic.host/vM1RSj.gif); background-size: cover; background-position: center; border: 2px solid #ddd;\"> He could see the mood shift before she even spoke, the frustration hard for her to hide. Her shaking hand, the way she worried her lip, and the slight shift of her eyes telling to her emotional state. Her reassurance that she was on his side did little to convince him - but he knew that she was correct. If they were to work together, if she was to believe him, he would need to give more details. She was Malia, he knew that without a doubt, and when she appealed to him, he sighed and relented. Slightly. He was always particular about touch, not enjoying it as much as some of his family, but he allowed her the moment, letting her pull his head down to rest against hers. \"Very well.\" Khan sighed, his expression unreadable. \"But you will not like what you hear. I can promise you that right now.\" After a moment longer to let her get used to his appearance and voice, he pulled back and began to pace, unable to stay still while he spoke of things that aggravated him. His expression darkened. \"When I was awakened, they were able to wipe my memory to ensure that I was pliable and cooperative. I was given a false name and background, and it wasn't until some time later that my memories began to surface and I learned the truth. I knew there were others, and you were all held hostage so that I would not act rashly.\" His voice had become strained as he spoke, but he pushed on. \"I eventually found a way to hide all of you, but I was caught before my plan was finished and as I held none of the cards I needed to succeed, I thought you all destroyed, killed to spite me. I was wrong - and never have I been more grateful to be wrong.\" He paused, allowing her a moment to absorb all the information and to ask questions before he continued. © inquisitor![/dohtml]
  9. Oh this was Khan alright, she knew for sure now, because every little thing he did still made her want to slap him. Of all the times for him to play coy and cautious why now? When she needed there to be no secrets between them, when she needed to know that this wasn't just a pure and painful hope being swung in front of her. Would she embrace him and then awake, once more holding the air as she always does? Will she finally break this time? She hardly knows anymore, but right now, she's just as inclined to slap him as she is to hug him and tell him she's missed him. \"You're choosing a poor time to hide things from me. If you want me to trust you, if you want me to believe you, you can;t hide things from me. Khan knows better than that, he knows i'm always on his side,\" her voice was even, quiet, no emotional inflection whatsoever. Of course he might be able to read the microemotions, the way her hand shook just slightly, the slight downword tilt of eyes, unamused with the man they were staring at, the way she was biting her lip, the one habit she'd never been able to kill. But unlike him she was trusting, albeit slowly. But she was inclined to believe that one of her beloved family had returned to her, and even stripped of his heritage, khan was khan, and khan was an untrusting suspicious asshole. So they were batting two for two, attitude and personality. \"Open your heart to me love, it's not as though you should have any doubt as to my identity, so be open with me as you once were, if you truly are the man i know and care for, you should have no reservation with me, we went through hell and back together, remember?\" she murmurs softly, the hand on his cheek sliding around the back of his head so she can press their foreheads together, so he can;t avoid her gaze....not that he's trying to anyways....okay so maybe this is more for her than him. Look, she's missed him, and even if this is a dream, she doesn;t want to wake up just yet.
  10. [dohtml] https://s19.postimg.cc/i9l5leaur/photo-1502495464426-51970a64f4a8.jpg)\"> https://cdnw.nickpic.host/vM1RSj.gif); background-size: cover; background-position: center; border: 2px solid #ddd;\"> As she moved toward him, his eyes never left her, watching every movement she made. He watched for signs of recognition, for hesitation, for doubt... for anything, really, to give him an idea as to her frame of mind. There were micro-expressions that people made, movements of their bodies as well, but they had studied those, learned to master those and use them just as much as every other aspect of things they'd learned and it would do him no good here. He held still as she touched his cheek, allowing her to feel his skin, to adjust to the differences. It was a lot to take in, even for someone as gifted and intelligent as she was. He had struggled with the loss of identity at first himself, when it had been done - even without his memories, it felt as if a part of him, his heritage, had been stripped away. Looking back, it had. Damn Alexander Marcus. I would crush his skull again, if I could. \"The changes to my appearance were done so that I could freely move, without suspicion or recognition. Back home, we were all aboard the Botany Bay, and several centuries passed with no one disturbing our sleep. Then an Admiral found us, recognized me, and woke me up.\" He did not give her the details past that, and would not. Not yet, not until he knew she would be by his side as before. \"We built a giant starship, Vengeance by name, and I worked behind the scenes to bring everyone else to safety - you were kept apart from me after I woke, and I had to ensure everyone's safe return to my side so that we could continue our work.\" He cocked his head to the side again, a slight twist of his lips a familiar look, when he was trying to contain anger or other strong emotions. There was much, much more he wasn't saying, and he waited to see if she could still read him as well as before. His eyes were fixed on hers, still as intense and piercing as ever, challenging her to question him. © inquisitor![/dohtml]
  11. Malia had never thought much about the direction her life had taken as of late. A priestess of psychotic light worshippers in a world far removed from the one she remembered. Yet here she was, because it was the only thing she knew, finding an organization and taking it over from within, she had no grand plans yet, she'd think long-term once she had some sort of authority to see her vision fufilled. But for now she had a role that helped her to not think of her true family, who she might never see again unless fate was kind, not exactly something she trusted it to be. Her thoughts were interrupted by the sounds of footsteps and no sooner had she heard them then she was locking eyes with the man. She knew his face, recently promoted commander of the guard, and thus his presence here wasn't odd, the way he stared at her was though. Her name fell from his lips and she rose to meet him, not allowing her growing uncertainty or hesitation to show. Practically no one here knew her name, she was just 'sister' or 'mother' and thus his calling her by it caught her attention, even moreso with his next statement. He stopped steps away from her, but she closed the gap, eyes drinking in every detail of the man who claimed to be her companion. The attitude was there, the air of arrogance and superiority. That he strode nearly everywhere with. She had to fight not to roll her eyes as she laid her digits lightly against his cheek. \"I'll grant you that you sure act like Khan, but then how or why did you change so drastically?\" she asked even though she knew he could so easily bullshit his way through such a question, but even so she had to ask, had to do something other than just accept it. Because as much as she knew to be skeptical she wanted to believe.
  12. [dohtml] https://s19.postimg.cc/i9l5leaur/photo-1502495464426-51970a64f4a8.jpg)\"> https://cdnw.nickpic.host/vM1RSj.gif); background-size: cover; background-position: center; border: 2px solid #ddd;\"> Khan was pleased with the progress he had made thus far. It hadn't always been an easy situation, and his impatience and frustration with those who were less intelligent or who were reluctant to move when necessary had almost set him back a few times. But he'd come too far to falter now and he'd simply reminded himself of what he was preparing for - this world seemed to be where those who died came, and there was a chance that his family would find themselves here. He would ensure that when they did, they found themselves in the world they'd envisioned back home. His eye was currently on the Infernals, as that group was the one that the Followers hated the most and was the easiest to rally them against. In his assessment of the other groups, the Guard were the most dangerous, as they were the ones who kept order and stepped in when the other groups started warring too much. They would have to be dealt with sooner, rather than later, but if he could cripple the Infernals long enough to turn his attention there, it would be better. These thoughts were being turned over in his mind as he walked to his destination. Now that he'd obtained control of the Guard portion of the Followers of the Light, he had access to all their compounds, including those where the Priestesses and their illustrious leader sequestered themselves to keep their prophetess safe. Now that he had access, he could sink his claws into them, start to influence everyone, and he saw a great deal of promise in some of the more fanatical ones. They would have to be purged once he had rid himself of the other groups - they were too dangerous to be allowed to live, and had no place in his vision for this world. But for now? They were useful tools. As he stepped through to the main area where the priestesses gathered, his eyes fell onto a familiar face and all thoughts of his plans vanished, eyes widening in shock. \"Malia....\" She would not know him - he was not the Khan she remembered - his face and voice changed. But they had grown up alongside one another, leading the others. Surely that would allow her to see past his exterior. He strode forward, bearing confident and sure, tilting his head to the side as he regarded her. None of the other priestesses were there, and he hoped to keep it that way for some time. They had things to talk about. \"I had not realized anyone else came through. You will not recognize me, of course. But I hope, in time, you will see past this.\" He gestured at his face, piercing eyes fixed on her. \"It is Khan. I imagine you are working toward the same goals I am here.\" Khan held himself back, just out of reach, knowing that coming right out and saying it as he had was potentially inviting an attack and readying himself for that, and any other reactions she might have. © inquisitor![/dohtml]
  13. [dohtml] http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Lobster+Two' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>I.Khan Noonien SinghJohn Harrison was a fiction created the moment I was awoken by your Admiral Marcus to help him advance his cause. A smoke screen to conceal my true identity. My name... is Khan. BasicsFull Name: Khan Noonien SinghNicknames/Aliases: John HarrisonAge: UnknownDoB: ?? 1970Race: Enhanced HumanGender: MalePronouns: He/HimAlignment: Chaotic EvilAffiliation: Followers of the Light Profession: Captain of the LightLanguages: Polyglot - can pick up languages quickly and speaks many, alien and terran based.Canon/Original? CanonFandom: Star Trek [Alternate Timeline]Canon Point: From the end, when Spock knocks him out.Playby: Benedict CumberbatchAppearanceHeight: 6'Build: Lean and wiryHair color: BlackEye Color: Blue-GreenTattoos: ---Piercings: ---Scars: Various, most dominant the ones on his face from the beating Spock gave him.Voice: Low, rich growl.Demeanor: Standoffish and aloof.HealthPhysical Ailments: ---Neurological Ailments: ---Psychological Ailments: PsychopathAllergies: ---Current Addictions: ---Past Addictions: ---Smoking: ---Drugs: ---Alcohol: Very rarely. Wine when he does drink. Prefers reds.Traumatic Experiences: Most of his life could be considered traumatic. Most traumatic were his early years in training, and when he was woken and had his crew used against him. Thinking they had all died in the explosion aboard the Vengeance was by far the worst, though.II.DetailsSkills & Abilities: Khan is an enhanced human whose genetics have been tampered with until he was the 'perfect' human. He has superhuman strength, resilience, and durability, and has regenerative healing abilities that allow him to recover quickly. His blood can also heal and bring things back to life. He is an intellectual genius who has a perfect memory and is able to absorb information far quicker than most beings. He is a highly trained combatant in both close-range combat and marksmanship, has had enough training to be a master strategist and tactician, and is an expert at space warfare. Weaknesses: Though he'd have you believe otherwise, Khan does have weaknesses. His strength and regenerative powers only go so far, and he can be beaten. He is prone to looking down on those he sees as less than him and has underestimated people in the past. Experiences on Earth and fighting Kirk have taught him much though, so this one is likely to be less of a problem. He is arrogant still though, and believes himself better. He wishes to rule over all those 'lesser' beings and has no issues making enemies along the way. This could easily come back to bite him. He has a temper and is very, very driven by fighting. He thrives on it, and it's a sure bet that a peaceful society, even one he himself brought about, will tire him quickly and he'll find ways to incite conflict so he has something to do. His crew is his family and if there's one way to unbalance him it's targeting them. He is fiercely protective of them and will do anything for them, including sacrificing however many he has to, if it means saving even one of them. Anything else? --- AboutKhan was born sometime in 1970, and his very early years were hard. When he was found by Dr. Heisen and brought in as part of the Eugenics project, he quickly advanced through the ranks, becoming a standout among the other children. The training was brutal and he never had what one might consider a childhood - everything was training to become the perfect being. He and the others were implanted with neural inhibitors to ensure their good behavior though, making sure they couldn't act out against their 'creator'. Eventually, he and the others were able to remove those inhibitors and Khan killed Dr. Heisen by crushing his skull. Soon after, he and the other augmented humans gave themselves new identities and spread throughout the world's governments, intending to take it over. They were successful for a time, though it started the Eugenics Wars. Khan and the others conquered many areas, and Khan took on his first name after taking over a good portion of the area he'd set his sights on. While he had many harsh beliefs and was a dictator, his area lacked something many dictatorships had - there was no genocide or other such atrocities. He simply wished to rule over all of them and saw no point in needless slaughter of those who would be his subjects. When a fellow Augment attacked him, he killed the man with his bare hands and took over the lands the man had controlled. Some time later, the Chinese government developed bio-weapons and he and the other augments found themselves defeated. Retreating to Australia, they were captured and put into stasis aboard the Botany Bay and set adrift in space. Sometime after the destruction of Vulcan, Admiral Marcus discovered the ship, still adrift and brought Khan out of stasis, believing he could be of use to him. When he was woken, his memory was wiped and he was forced to have facial and body reconstruction that completely changed his appearance from what it had been, ensuring that anyone who knew history would not recognize him as one of the Augments from the Eugenics Wars. For a time he worked under Marcus helping to develop weapons and perform covert missions, believing the false history he'd been shown as John Harrison. But eventually his memories started to return. His fellow augments were threatened by Marcus, and as they were defenseless in stasis, he did what he had to in order to protect them, continuing to work on the weapons and ships that Marcus wanted. The anger and frustration, and desperation to save his family led him to going rogue, though he hid his actions for as long as he could. He tried to smuggle his crew out in the long range torpedoes he'd designed, hiding their stasis pods inside the weapons. He confronted Marcus, but was forced to flee, and believed his people had been killed - he knew they'd been found and assumed that Marcus would kill them to prevent him from waking them up and waging war as he wanted. Determined to destroy those who'd taken everything from him, he began to plot behind the scenes and managed to destroy a facility by helping someone with a dying child using his blood. He stole a jumpship and the formula for transwarp beaming, setting his next bit of plotting in motion - the senior staff would meet now that there'd been an attack and having them all in one place was a perfect chance to kill everyone in one strike. Things didn't go according to plan though, as Kirk interfered and he was forced to retreat, transporting himself to Qo'nos, the home-world of the Klingons, as he knew they could not follow him there. He was contacted by Sulu, and threatened with the missiles. Realizing what - and who - they had aboard, he surrendered to Kirk after helping the group that had come down after him defeat the klingons who'd tried to stop them. Kirk's angry response to him, and the repeated punches simply amused him, though he was very, very interested to learn this passionate man was the captain, not the one who'd threatened him before. Once aboard the ship, he told them the truth of who he was and why he'd done what he had, not caring if they knew. He planned to escape and have his revenge on Marcus, and now he had an added reason - if those torpedoes still contained his crew, he could wake them up and continue his original mission. Once it was confirmed they did indeed contain his crew, he knew what he would do. He was able to anticipate Admiral Marcus' response, and after they were attacked mid-warp, and Kirk approached him for help, he set the next phase of his plan in motion. He knew that Kirk and Scotty would stop him - or try to - and was not surprised when he was hit with a stun, though it only dropped him momentarily and he simply lay in wait for the appropriate moment. When it came, he wasted no time, disabling Kirk, Carol, and Scotty, and headed straight for Admiral Marcus. He crushed the man's skull between his hands in front of the others, knowing what effect it would have, then used Kirk as a hostage to get Spock to return his crew to him. Once the missiles were aboard, he beamed the three others back, insisting that the Captain should go down with his ship. Opening fire on them, he fully intended to take them out, knowing they were a threat to his plans, but Spock was one step ahead of him and had set all the torpedoes to detonate, disabling the Vengeance. Thinking his family killed, he managed to guide the ship to Starfleet Headquarters and crashed the massive ship into San Francisco, destroying much of the city in the process. The crash didn't kill him, though it stunned him briefly. He intended to disappear into the crowd and then work from inside to destroy Starfleet, however he had to. He had not anticipated the fury of Spock, who was grief-stricken by the loss of Captain Kirk - who had sacrificed himself to save the entire crew and found himself on the run. Eventually forced to turn and fight, he gained the upper hand, but Uhura arrived and the two of them were able to defeat him, due in part to Spock's fury. The last thing he remembered was Spock punching him a final time, and then darkness. When he woke, it was in Infernum. He was furious at first, but after he took some time to assess the situation and to grieve the loss of his family, he turned his attention to what he could do there. Realizing the fanatical group of religious individuals could be a good cover and that he could use them to further his own goals, he put on a facade, acting a part to get in close and was able to work his way up the ranks of the Followers of the Light, until he was the Captain of their guard. This put him in a good position to control things and plot attacks on the other groups, which he could frame as attacking those who did not believe and were not worthy. III.Salty Archmage 34 - Mountain???[/dohtml]
  14. [dohtml] http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Lobster+Two' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>I.Lúcio Correia dos SantosCome on, let's bring it together! BasicsFull Name: Lúcio Correia dos SantosNicknames/Aliases: LúcioAge: Twenty SixDoB: ???Race: HumanGender: MalePronouns: He/HimAlignment: Neutral GoodAffiliation: Unaffiliated, but with ties to the Guard.Profession: Composer/DJLanguages: English, PortugueseCanon/Original? CanonFandom: OverwatchCanon Point: While on the Synaesthesia tour, toward the end.Playby: --AppearanceHeight: 5'3\"Build: LeanHair color: BrownEye Color: BrownTattoos: Stylized frog tattoo on his left shoulder/upper arm.Piercings: --Scars: A number of them across his torso and arms. Massive scarring on his upper legs.Voice: TenorDemeanor: Friendly, upbeat.HealthPhysical Ailments: Missing his legs from about halfway down the upper leg on both. Everything below that is mechanical.Neurological Ailments: --Psychological Ailments: Some PTSD, though he deals with it well.Allergies: --Current Addictions: --Past Addictions: --Smoking: --Drugs: --Alcohol: Beer occasionally, harder stuff rarely, and generally only when out with friends.Traumatic Experiences: Most of his early years were traumatic, as were his teen years. The loss of his legs was the worst of it.II.DetailsSkills & Abilities: Lucio is a skilled musician who uses his music to heal others, not just in the standard sense but literally. He's figured out how to use tech he stole and improved upon to heal or speed boost others. He uses sound waves to do so, and these can also be used to damage and/or knock back enemies threatening him or those around him. Though it takes a great deal of energy and requires a recharge period, he can also boost th health and grant a shield to nearby allies.Though he's not tried to be, he is a good leader who's been able to inspire others to stand up and say 'enough'. He is caring and kind and just wants everyone to be free and not oppressed and hurt or killed. This devotion to helping people drives him in most everything he does. Weaknesses: Lucio is missing the majority of his legs. This can cause problems for him if he's no wearing some sort of prosthetic. He has basic ones that appear as normal legs, but prefers the ones with hard-light skates on them, as they provide more freedom of movement and he can customize them as he likes. That said, he is extremely reliant on them and damaging or destroying them will stop him for some time, as he'll have to repair or replace them. He is also vulnerable to enemies if this happens, as he cannot easily get away.Lucio's biggest weakness is probably his heart - he cares too much and too deeply. He wants to help others and this could be used to manipulate him. You can't fool him twice though - trick him with a sob story or something of the sort the first time and he'll remember the ruse - and you - and watch you [or the scheme] to crop back up. Anything else?-- AboutLúcio was born and grew up in the favelas in Brazil, specifically those in Rio de Janeiro. His childhood was tough, as there were many hardships to overcome. He discovered a love of music very early on and began to experiment with composing and mixing songs others produced, eventually going on to play on street corners and parties around the favelas. This got him attention and support from many locals and started to draw attention from elsewhere in the world as well. At some point an accident happened and he lost the majority of both legs, which were replaced with working, but sub-par prosthetics.Vishkar Corporation's takeover of his city did not go over well with him, or many of the others. They were promised many things, none of which were delivered and he became frustrated and angry with the oppression his people were suffering. After a while, Lúcio opted to break in and steal some of their technology to better things himself, including the prosthetics he now wears that include the hard light skates he uses to move around. Determined to show his people that there were other options, that they could be free, he used his music and his popularity to speak out, He was able to rally the favelas to drive the company out, and this ignited his popularity among local and many worldwide groups, as he was seen as a sign of hope. He began to publish his own music, and was thrilled at the reception his first two singles got. After that, he released an entire album of music, which also did well. In his spare time he watched the pro-gamer scene, and began to consume as much music from the world over as he could, wanting to expand his tastes and experiences. Soon after, he set out on a tour, promoting his album and introducing a few more pieces he'd composed as well. He used the tour to speak out against groups like Vishkar Corporation, voicing his concerns with the control they exerted over others and the things that he had seen and experienced. He also began to team up with members of Overwatch, lending them help as he could, as he felt they had a just cause. Even still, he was cautious at first, worried that they'd end up like the big groups elsewhere. While helping them evacuate an area Talon had attacked he was shot and blacked out. When he woke, he found himself in Infernum, and has tried to settle in there as best he can. He's not happy with the state of the government there, the different groups reminding him far too much of the big companies back home. The Guard has promise, though, and while he's remained neutral himself, he has offered to DJ some concerts to raise funds so they can get better gear and hire more people to help protect everyone. III.Salty Archmage 34 - Mountain???[/dohtml]
  15. [dohtml] http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Ruthie|Roboto' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'> So many stifled thoughts and long forgotten dreams Scream hallelujah, I can almost taste reprieve He wasn't surprised when the vampire put some distance between them. The man struggled with his nature a lot, and people stressed him out. While there was some disappointment that Alucard wouldn't be joining him and the others for drinks or fun, he didn't blame him. He gave a small, somewhat reserved smile himself. \"Drinks I'll happily take them up on. The other - well, there's somebody I'd want to take me to dinner but he's not here and I hope he doesn't come through for a very, very long time.\"Not because he didn't want to see the man - he desperately wanted to see Gabriel again, even if they didn't have anything beyond a deep friendship that sometimes felt like a bit more - but because of what it meant if the older man found himself in Infernum. He had suspicions about things perhaps going further - much further - though he couldn't confirm it was Gabe and not someone else because his memories were gone, but he had a wedding band - a set of them, actually - that he'd found on a chain around his neck. They were both older, and next to his and Gabe's dog tags, so he really suspected, but without the man there himself, there was no way to know. He shook himself out of that line of thought and focused on the present. Drinks and having a bit of fun sounded fun. \"Wish you could join us, but I get why you're not. I'll definitely take you up on that walk later though. I consider you a friend and I'm gonna make sure we stay in contact. Somebody's got to make sure you don't brood too much.\" He flashed a grin, and got a small smile from the vampire in return. Alucard was a good guy, just extremely reserved. \"Feel free to stop by any time. You know I was already looking at getting my own place. With this raise, there's a specific one that's now within my budget so I'm gonna grab it before someone else steals it away from me. Would love to have you come visit sometimes. Plus, it'll give you somewhere neutral to meet up if you've got intel.\" He walked Alucard to the door, and they started down the hall toward the main rec room. Jack had a feeling that the Special Forces crew would be there instead of their own separat one, along with everyone else, waiting for him to come out so they could figure out where to go for drinks. The whole group always looked for an excuse to party - not that he could blame them. And just as expected, the whole lot of them were waiting and cheered at him when they walked through the doors. Alucard looked slightly spooked and after a final smile and clapping him on the shoulder, the vampire took off. Turning to regard the group, he flashed a smile. \"Guess you all got the news, huh? Where does everyone want to go for a few beers?\" Tag: Open Anyone in the guard is welcome to hop in here! Thanks Vii? [/dohtml]
  16. [dohtml]https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Playfair+Display:400,400italic' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'> When your dreams all fail, and the ones we hailAre the worst of all, and the blood’s run stale Alucard had suspected Jack would bring up his eyesight. It was in his file, though it was buried under layers of classification that required high clearance. Essentially, only the head of the Guard and the doctors who were working on his eyes knew about it. While the other lieutenants could access it, they had to give a valid reason to get access and nobody had any. Now that he was head of the Guard it'd be even more under lock and key. \"I'm very well aware, Jack. I don't think it will be an issue. You've served well so far and the doctors seem pretty confident on being able to halt any further loss. They told me they can probably reverse it to where you can see blurred shapes and colors that makes sense, not just the confusing mix of colors you see now when you look.\"The nanites helped a lot, and he hoped they'd be able to find a way to have them keep his vision good without the visors being on constantly. Currently, only data pads and other screen readouts interfaced with them well, so he could see video and text there without his visor. It was something. He couldn't imagine losing his vision like Jack had. Placing a hand on the man's shoulder he gave a smile. \"Now, is there anything you'd like me to cover before you're on your own? I have set up an entire datapad full of procedures and guidelines for you to manage everything well, but I am happy to offer advice and guide you through personally if you prefer.\" He would too, but wasn't surprised when Jack shook his head. The man was smart - far smarter than he gave himself credit for - and he knew the majority of the job already. It was the same stuff he did as a Special Forces Lieutenant, just more of it. He tilted his head, regarded Jack for a moment, and gave a small smile. \"Congratulations though, Jack. You really impressed me with how dedicated you are to serving the people and protecting everyone. You will be a good Commander, I have no doubt. You've got all the skills you need.\" After a moment, he stepped back, giving Jack room. He was still not comfortable with a lot of physical contact, something he thought he might never get over. It was hard when part of you wanted to eat the person you were in close proximity to. Even now, there were small urges, a bloodlust he ignored, hard as it was. \"I'll pass any intel on to your people - or you, if we run into each other - that I come across in my work. I just request that you do me a favor and give me intel when you can. I know, better than most, that there will be times you can't risk it getting out, even with me. But when you can...\" He trailed off and gave a small smile, then gestured to the desk and chair behind it. \"I'll leave you to it, but I know some of the men will want to congratulate you. It sent notifications to everyone in the Guard once we updated everything. Bet they'd like to go out for drinks, probably treat you to some. Maybe dinner too.\" He flashed a smile, revealing his fangs. \"I'd join you, but you and I know that neither of those holds appeal to me, and that many people would stress me out. So we can go for a walk or something later, and just talk if you'd like.\" BY MITZI [/dohtml]
  17. [dohtml] http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Ruthie|Roboto' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'> So many stifled thoughts and long forgotten dreams Scream hallelujah, I can almost taste reprieve He couldn't believe what he was hearing. This was beyond his wildest dreams. He'd not even been in charge back home, even though he'd been the pretty boy they all relied on to be the poster boy. Gabriel had been the commander, and he'd always happily followed the man. There'd been a short period during SEP, after some of the shit had started going wrong where he'd considered going back home, even though he hated the small town life and had enlisted partly to get away.But then Gabriel had captured his heart and soul and that had been that. He couldn't ditch his best friend to deal with the rest of SEP alone. Nor could he bear to think of life without the grumpy older man in it. So he'd stayed. He'd always figured he'd be, at most, second in command. Gabe was the smart one, the one who had the head for everything. Sure, he did too - but he'd picked a lot of that up from the other man. So this - this was beyond anything he'd imagined for himself. Even being a lieutenant of the Special Forces had been a dream for him. The grin was huge, he knew, and he could tell by the way Alucard looked at him that it made him look much closer to the young man he remembered being. \"I will do my best to prove you made the right choice, sir.\" He took the datapad after it was handed to him and scrawled his own signature before handing it back. After a moment, Alucard handed it back. Everything was official, it was his name and picture there now, holy shit. He knew it was gonna be a lot of hard work - how could it not be? But he knew he could do this. Whatever had happened back home, the things he didn't remember, he had a new life here and he'd make the most of it. There was a bit of hesitation as he thought of something though, and while it was official and there were no take-backs, it started to gnaw at him. \"Ah, Alucard - you are aware that my sight is deteriorating? That would be in my medical report, as the docs noted it when I enlisted. It won't be a problem. I functioned with it back home, though it's more progressed due to the whole older than I remember thing.\" He gave the man a wary look and was relieved when the man gave a gentle smile. Tag: Wolf Son, Open He's thrilled, but also a bit overwhelmed. Thanks Vii? [/dohtml]
  18. [dohtml]https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Playfair+Display:400,400italic' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'> When your dreams all fail, and the ones we hailAre the worst of all, and the blood’s run stale Alucard gave the younger man a nod as he entered, and watched Jack with sharp eyes. He'd already made his decision on the new leader, but it was reassuring to see that he was functional despite his exhaustion and the demons that ate at him. He knew, all too well, how hard it was to not have memories, but the man was handling it better than many would, despite his sleepless nights. \"Hello Jack. Yes, I wanted to talk to you about the Guard's leadership, and I also wanted to check in on you one last time before I officially step down.\"He paused, golden eyes giving Jack a once over. There was fatigue there, certainly, but those blue eyes were still alert and focused on him, full of determination and life. It was good to see, and told him he'd made the right choice. \"I know you've not had much luck with sleeping more than a few hours still. I wanted to ask you to perhaps try sleeping medication or finding some companionship - friendship can do much to ease our minds.\" Jack opened his mouth, and the vampire could tell he was going to object. He held up a hand to stop him from talking, and continued. \"If you won't try the meds, that's your choice. I am simply asking that you consider it. As to friends, I know you have some but you rarely do anything with them. You're busy with work and nothing else. It will kill you, Jack. Maybe not now, but eventually.\" He sighed. \"I bring this up because I'm about to dump an incredible amount of work and responsibility onto your shoulders.\" The wide eyes he was met with told him that Jack had not anticipated this at all and he winced slightly. He'd thought his interest in Jack's leadership skills and his advice had been hint enough, but perhaps not. He should have let the man know he was being considered outright. He gave a small smile though, as the man beamed. \"Yes. I've decided to hand the responsibility of the Guard over to you. You are going to be the new Commander, effective as soon as we've signed the documents. I imagine you will want to continue to be one of the leaders of the special forces as well, and as such I've opened up a lieutenant role in the guard where I was before. The job listing went up about half an hour ago.\" He directed Jack to the datapad he held, and after scrawling his own signature, handed it over to Jack to finalize the promotion. \"I'll still be around if you need help, but I feel my time will be better used as an unaffiliated guardian, who can help whichever group is in most need and in the right. More often than not, I suspect that will be the Guard, but there have been times that the Band or those who are completely unaffiliated have needed someone and my hands have been tied.\" BY MITZI [/dohtml]
  19. [dohtml] http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Ruthie|Roboto' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'> So many stifled thoughts and long forgotten dreams Scream hallelujah, I can almost taste reprieve He still couldn't sleep. Not well, and not for long periods like a body needed, at any rate. There'd been several incidents where the entire Special Forces group was needed and he'd had to go help regardless of Alucard's standing orders of 'not til you're rested and get the all clear'. After the third such incident, the vampire had given up and had allowed him to come back to work full time. While he was exhausted, and it was easy to tell because of the bags under his eyes, he still performed his job adequately. He was surviving mostly on coffee, donuts, and cat naps. It wasn't healthy, but to hell with worrying about that. There were people to look after and he had a job to do. He was happy with the role he'd been given in the Guard, but he'd heard rumors that there was about to be a big shakeup in the upper ranks because Alucard was tired of running it and wanted to remain neutral so he could work with whatever group needed his attention. Jack was worried about who might get the role, as there were some in the group who weren't good leaders. Great soldiers and men, but not suited for a position such as the head of the guard. Alucard had called him for a meeting, and he knew the subject - discussing the state the Guard was currently in and letting him know which of the men would be getting the position as new Commander. Jack didn't expect to get it himself, so he'd not even tried. He'd been content with what he had, and so long as the new leader was good at what they did he'd voice no objections. Besides that, even if his memories were that of a younger man, his body was not and he wasn't sure that Alucard would want to turn the whole thing over to someone in their fifties. Knocking on the Commander's office door, he waited til he heard a muffled invitation to come in, then stepped inside, nodding a greeting to the man. \"You wanted to see me, sir?\" Tag: Wolf Son, Open Decided I wasn't keen on having Alucard run the Guard, so doing something IC to shift it to Jack. Thanks Vii? [/dohtml]
  20. [dohtml] http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Ruthie|Roboto' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'> So many stifled thoughts and long forgotten dreams Scream hallelujah, I can almost taste reprieve The lifted brows were again noted, and he gave a sheepish grin in response to that and the chuckle, though it faded quickly when the man cut off his own words. It was extremely obvious to Jack that he had baggage of his own. If he was a clone, like the former strike commander suspected, he knew why. After Deadeye cleared his throat and spoke, he gave a smile. He liked to know other people, what worlds they came from, and what their stories were. He'd always loved things like that. \"Well, I'm more than happy to talk with you and learn about you and anything you want to share.\" He'd not missed the wince, but his attention was drawn back to the world the man was from when he cursed and it was all he could do not to fanboy all over again. \"You understand, then. Things are a fucking nightmare, no pun intended, heh.\" He had a mouth on him, given half a chance, but he paused to consider that the soldier might not appreciate it. Not all of them were as foul mouthed as he and Gabe had been. He'd picked it up from the slightly older man. Back home he'd have gotten smacked upside the head for some of the language. He nodded at the observation. It was amnesia of some sort, but how long it'd last was anyone's guess. Whether it'd come back all at once or slowly was also up in the air. He hoped, if it came back, that it'd trickle back. He wasn't sure he had the mental capacity to handle that many years of memories all at once. The nightmares were probably exactly what Deadeye thought they were, but that didn't help when the left him a shaky, weepy mess. Commander Kilburn wasn't a name he was familiar with from Star Wars, but then neither was Deadeye. There'd been so many Jedi, so many clones, and so many others who fought that it wasn't possible to list them all by name, and in a world where they were all real? Yeah. There'd be a ton he wasn't aware of. Still though, he was curious about the man's commander. \"Your commander dealt with similar shit to mine? That's too bad. War is harsh, and it leaves a mark, for sure. Bet you're right though, it is probably my damn brain trying to figure out everything.\" He rubbed at that spot on his forehead again, wondering just who had shot him and why it left him so shaken. \"Brain got scrambled by a bullet back home.\" He tapped the spot he'd been rubbing. \"It's hidden behind a mesh right now, but I've got a nasty scar right front and center. Docs bet the trauma from that's what has me not remembering anything.\" He gave a halfhearted shrug. \"So what's your specialty with our little group with the Guard? Glad to have more in Special Forces. We always seem to be short handed.\" Tag: Deadeye He's a bit all over the place. Thanks Vii? [/dohtml]
  21. Omnics were asshole robots back home. Sounded a lot like the droids he'd dealt with, honestly, and he nodded, before looking back to the man when he cut off mid-word, and the other man's gaze was intently on him, studying him. Deadeye lifted both eyebrows curiously at the man, before he let out a low chuckle of amusement. Seemed the man knew of where he was from. "Was led by one, even, during the war... up until..." It was his turn to cut himself off, and the pain was obvious before he looked down at his boots. He took a deep breath and shoved the pain away before forcing a smile on his face again. It was painful, given what he knew of Chibi, that she'd consider betraying the Republic. She never seemed the type, but apparently one could never truly trust anyone but flesh and blood. "Well... until something bad happened. Thought I could trust my Commander, but..." He shrugged, proud of the fact he kept at least most of the pain from his voice as he spoke. Remembering that shot he took... it was like being shot through the heart himself. He cleared his throat to rid himself of the lump that'd formed, turning his dark gaze back to the older man. "It's alright. Not many ask about me, so it's... kinda refreshing." Deadeye winced though, as Morrison explained his PTSD. He wasn't sure what that was, precisely, but it sounded really bad. Something like that was what drove him to the bottle after the war originally, and he'd only started crawling his way back out of that damned pit. Still, that explained why the name sounded familiar. He was one of the ones in charge of his little branch. "Nightmares are a son of a Bantha, I'll tell you what. I deal with them time to time." His brain still worked on the puzzle of the acronym, when a conversation triggered in his mind. Right. Commander - General - Kilburn had it - she'd sometimes woken one of them up when she'd had a nightmare and demanded being held. Or she'd freeze under specific circumstances and it'd take ages for them to snap her out of it. "Hey, you need to vent. Sounds like you got amnesia or something like that though... the nightmares could be your brain trying to work out the issue. I know Commander Kilburn dealt wit that."
  22. [dohtml]http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=BenchNine' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'> I saw guns and sharp swordsIn the hands of young children It was very, very difficult to think straight with her in his clothing. It went straight to his cock and he had to push the thoughts running through his head down. The flush to his cheeks and the slight stammer were probably telling, even though he tried to hide the former and deal with the latter as much as possible.\"We can get you a new coat. And... stay with me, Chibi. I have plenty of room here. Please. It would mean a lot if you said yes.\" He didn't like the thought of her being in the shelter at all, having seen it himself when he first arrived and several times after when a target was hiding there. How had he not seen her? Right. The drinking. That'd probably numbed his mind enough he didn't recognize her. Easy jobs he rarely laid off the booze for long [if at all]. She was right that healers were always needed. Back home that'd been true too. Maybe, if she'd been there he could have been saved and the two of them could have brought her in - he cut that line of thought right off, before it could drag him down. The idea of having her warmed him a lot, even if it was just a fantasy. The memories of a certain someone though, that crushed him. Better to focus on here and now, not then and there and 'what ifs'. \"I - thank you. I thought a different look might do me some good here. You look good too. Especially in my - ah, that is... I mean-\" He cut off, flushing and looking down into his tea like it was the most fascinating thing ever. Tag: Chibi [/dohtml]
  23. [dohtml]http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=BenchNine' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'> I saw guns and sharp swordsIn the hands of young children He was quite interested in this fellow - he sounded and felt like a good fit so far. Just a few more things to feel out before he made a decision. Though it was something many might have missed, he picked up on the way that Deadeye positioned himself. It was something that he himself did quite often. Hanzo noted the eyebrow, but didn't draw attention to it. The mercenary was pleased when Deadeye wasn't hesitant about his line of work. Having a Guard in the house could prove handy as well, provided he didn't mind what Hanzo did. Special Forces meant that this man was not only well trained, he was capable of taking on threats the regular guard could not. That reminded him of Overwatch back home, back before it'd been disbanded and again.... he forced that line of thought down as going there would lead to nothing but more pain. \"It sounds like you have a rewarding position, though the downtime would bother me after a while. I am glad you are training the other guard - does not do much good for anyone if they cannot shoot well.\" The way Deadeye looked at him told him he was worried that being part of the Guard would ruin his chances. Of course, Hanzo had to remember that the factions here could be quite vicious with each other. He shook his head, giving a faint smile. \"Not at all. I think my roommate will welcome the safety of a someone from the Guard living with us. Despite it being a good area, the nature of my job sometimes makes enemies.\" He paused. \"Which brings me to a similar question. I am a mercenary, and while I do have rules I follow, I hunt bounties. Some are for the Guard, but not all contracts are. I hope that will not present a problem for you? I can leave my work outside of the home and generally do, but that is not always possible.\" Tag: Deadeye [/dohtml]
  24. [dohtml] http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Ruthie|Roboto' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'> So many stifled thoughts and long forgotten dreams Scream hallelujah, I can almost taste reprieve The man keeping him company seemed nice enough. Definitely another soldier sort, and that comforted Jack for some reason. He wasn't sure why it did, other than a feeling of belonging - though you couldn't really dismiss such things as they had brought people together in many ways before, winning wars even. The kids were cute as hell to watch and he found his eyes drawn to them again. Part of him was wistful as he watched - he'd wanted to have kids at some point himself. He'd really cared for Gabriel Reyes back home, though they'd not really explored the feelings - something that bothered him a great deal. He missed the man.\"Ah, omnics are asshole robots back home. Started a goddamn war with us. We were still cleaning up that mess when I found myself here. Or - that's the last thing I remember.\" He gestured at his face. \"This says otherwi-\" He paused, cutting off mid sentence. Wait a minute. Coruscant? Separatists? STAR WARS! He looked at the man next to him - really looked at him and started slightly. There was a definite resemblance there. Holy shit. \"Um... there didn't happen to be a group called Jedi in your world, by any chance?\" He gave a sheepish grin, rubbing at the back of his head and then spoke again before Deadeye could respond. \"Ah, sorry. You asked a question. I'm one of the Lieutenants of the special force units. And well - I have a nasty case of PTSD from shit that happened back home. I'm not entirely sure what - that's partly why I'm thrown off when I look in the mirror. I don't remember the years between my late twenties and ... well they tell me I'm about fifty-five now. It's all a blank, except when I sleep. I never remember it for long when I wake. And it always wakes me up - no rest for me, which has left me unable to be of much use. Alucard's worried and I'm on leave til I do sleep - only, I can't sleep because the moment I shut my damn eyes whatever the hell happened fucks with me and wakes me back up.\" Jack might not have given that much info to the man if he'd been anyone other than another special forces member, but knowing that they were in the same branch and his inner geek flailing at the idea of this man being from Star Wars had him talking a lot more. He gave a slightly strained laugh. \"Uh... sorry. That's a hell of a lot to pile on someone I've just met, fellow soldier or not.\" Tag: Deadeye Jack's chatty and geeking out despite his exhaustion. Thanks Vii❣ [/dohtml]
  25. [dohtml] http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Lobster+Two' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>I.Malia SinghI said \"she must be swift and white, And subtly warm, and half perverse And sweet like sharp soft fruit to bite, And like a snake's love lithe and fierce.\" Men have guessed worse. -Swinburne BasicsFull Name: Malia SinghNicknames/Aliases: Lia, Highness, Sun-in-Shadow, The Summer Queen, Mon Ange du Palais, 'The Matriarch'Age: twenty three (when frozen)DoB: April 9, Sometime in the mid twentieth centuryRace: Human enhancementGender: FemalePronouns: She/HerAlignment: EvilAffiliation: Followers of LifeProfession: Priestess of the LightLanguages: Polygot of mid twentieth century languagesCanon/Original? OriginalFandom: Star TrekCanon Point: After Khan and his family were frozenPlayby: Nazriya NazimAppearanceHeight: 5? 4?Build: a healthy, albeit willowy, formHair color: Dark BrownEye Color: BlackTattoos: n/aPiercings: ear piercingsScars: multiple, appear to be surgery scarsVoice: A soft feminine voice that ocassionally takes on an undertone of steelDemeanor: The typical female specimine. Delicate, gentle, friendly, and docile. She has a smile for everyone as well as a warm greeting. But put her under pressure and she can stand her own, proving that beneath the silk lies an ironclad layer of steel that does not back down from her beliefs.HealthPhysical Ailments: A perfect health record, she has not suffered so much as a cold in her life.Neurological Ailments: nonePsychological Ailments: A few complexes, brought on by a life of being forced and shaped into a 'perfect' mold, though exactly what these complexes are is unclear.Allergies: noneCurrent Addictions: nonePast Addictions: ModafinilSmoking: noneDrugs: noneAlcohol: a lady never drinksTraumatic Experiences: an entire childhood of being little more than a science experiment, an education forcing her to be perfect, thousands of surgeries to edit her bodyII.DetailsSkills & Abilities: Angelic Aura: To look upon Malia is to see the heavens. Uncomporable beauty combined with a practiced grace and flawless movement. She has spent years practicing and crafting this aura, for seduction, for friends, for enemies, and has it down to a near perfect artform for breaking down even the most stoic and distant persons walls.Ability Aptitude (Persuasion): As befitting her persona of a humble and perfect female, Malia well knows how to observe and play the people around her. A few kind words, or a few poisonous ones can start wars or end them. She knows just how to say things and just whom to say them to. Area of Expertise (Subtle Convincing): More than just knowing what and to who things need to be said, she has the gift of subtlty. The ability to slip into your ear and whisper the right words, but when she leaves you only remember the words said, and not the face who said it. She is forgettable, overlookable, and that is entirely intentional. Eidetic Memory: A trait forced on her from years of schooling, though not as perfect as the name would imply, Malia has an impressive and vivid memory for details, one that often suprises people. Multi-Lingual: Know a language? Malia probably knows it too! Though those from other worlds may be aware of languages she is not, anyone from earth during or before the mid twentieth century, would struggle to find a language Malia could not understand to some degree. Patient: Malia can wait, one year or a hundred years, she will wait to acheive her goal, and strike when the time is right Anonymity: Despite her strong social presence, Malia is good at remaining 'one of the crowd', preventing others, even those close to her, from finding her when she doesn't want to be found. Iron Will: When Malia chooses a course, very few things can dissuade her from it. Striking Looks: A must for the aura she presents to the majority of the world. Though not 'exceedingly beautiful', Malia has perfect genetics and bone structure that, combined with her impeccable manner of dress, make her a very pretty girl. Ambidextrous Weaknesses: Aloof: Despite her very socially based skillset, Malia is a girl happiest in her room with a book. Crowds tend to make her anxious, hence her 'crippiling strike' mentality. The longer she has to spend in crowded rooms, the less effective and more nervous she can become.Nosy: Like any sheltered but intelligent girl, Malia is nosy and curious to a fault, and sometimes this can get her into trouble and reveal her plans. Naïve: Born in a lab, raised in a lab, shot off into space. That has been Malia's entire life. She knows the academic world, but is the very incarnation of being 'book smart not streetsmart'. No Tolerance: Malia, as befitting her 'lady' persona, will not drink unless forced. This means she has a naturally low tolerance for alchol before she gets drunk. Obviously a woman like her has many secrets and getting drunk can put them at risk, thus making this a weakness. Impulsive: At least when it comes to those she loves, Malia is a think first, act later sort of girl. Recurring Nightmares: Malia has had a life, an unkind one, and though she supresses it during the day, at night it haunts her, deeply, and it can be hard to operate efficiently, let alone cheerfully, when there are always phantoms in the corner waiting to hop back out into the light. Ruthless: A trait that betray her public persona of an angelic lady. When it comes to her family, if you screw with them Malia will not stop until everyone you love is dead, and then, she will turn to you, burning your life to cinders until her rage is quelled with a cold efficiency but a lack of subtlty. Frail Health: Though naturally robust and healthy, her earthly life having been that without injury or illness, she died via complications with her cryogenic sleep after some hundred years of being a popscicle. Though she is regaining her health now via her naturally robust immune system, it is a slow process. Show Off: Has always been the Singh that enjoys the spotlight most. Flashy, dramatic, and attention seeking. Usually she can reign it in, but this is how she has 'fun' in life and at times she can get carried away. Perfectionist: Unsuprising given her background, but Malia can be what's best described as 'anal' about things. From the way a room is decorated to a battle plan, Malia is very strange and changeable on what her personal definition of 'perfect' is, but by and large this hinders her and those she works with long before it helps. Paranoid: As any woman with secrets should be, she is worried and concerned about some of the most minute details. She keeps it under wraps quite well, but it tends to leave her distracted and out of it when not 'in the field'. Anything else? here - anything else you think is important or just want to include that doesn't fit anywhere else. AboutMalia was never truly born, to be born is to allow the natural process of a coupling between man and woman combine their genetic traits and produce an offspring. Malia's parents were former 'imperfect' scientific creations, pushed together in an attempt to create a more perfect offspring. She was born right on time, an easy birth, healthy weight, strong cry, and no defects, and so she was given the dubious 'honour' of being inducted into a world changing science experiment.Malia never got to know her parents, she was shipped away to a private facility as soon as could be accomplished. There she was raised alongside seventy one other offspring, all just as perfect, all just as lab-bred, and all selected for a singular purpose. To breed the future leaders of tomorrow, to create a crew, a family, that collectively, could unite the world under a singular rule. Toddlerhood was no time of freedom, or relationship building. While most toddlers learn a single language, they were turned into polygots, learning all the commonly spoken languages so that, wherever they were, they could communicate effectively. French, English, Spanish, Greek, Chinese, Japanese, if it was the main language of a country or faction, it was shoved into those tiny brains. But it helped prepare them for an education that would only grow more complex. Roles and specialised education were decided upon the children's sixth birthday. Khan was chosen to be captain and Malia was chosen to be his commander, not for any special bond between the two, but for skills. As they were meant to work closely together to lead the seventy other men and women, gender restrictions were eliminated, and for the rest of their lives, wether it was a bunk, two singles, or a double bed, the two rarely slept, or lived apart. Malia, for her part, initially despised Khan for getting what she deemed the 'better' role. But there was little time for bitterness, soon it became rapidly apparent, they needed to be each others rock. He was the savage to her angel, she was the calm to his storm. They had been chosen for their ability to balance the other out. Malia learned to trust her captain to protect her, to be the calm half to his savagery, and to stand alongside him in leading the others. While Khan's education was Militaristic, Malia was taught the skills of a lady. Social graces, persuasion, subtlty, charm, and how to present herself differently as the situation demanded it. She grew into something of a social mastermind, learning the world political state, the structure of goverment, while khan was learning to burn societies to the ground,she was learning to tear them down from the inside and build them up again. At the age of twelve they officially became leaders of their crew. Matriarch and Patriarch of the family destined to one day rule the world. Yet despite their titles, the relationship between 'Matriarch' and 'Patriarch' was incredibly platonic and relaxed, an attitude that soon spread to the entire crew. When life became hell, when their worlds were falling apart, they had each other, brother and sister, none was more important, reguardless of title, and together, they could bring nations to their knees. Malia was sixteen when they began to fix the 'flaws' they saw in her. She had always been under intensive dietary restrictions, but now was the time of surgeries. The operations were intense and long, most of them leaving her laid up in her room for days. Khan would have to carry her out for the unoffical but regular 'family meetings' they and the crew had. It was a nightmare, and without her family, her mind may have shattered irreperably, but because of them, and her love for them, she was able to cling to that one last spec of humanity, the spec that loved khan, loved the family, and that would do everything and anything to protect and ensure their success.....ironically enough, like a true matriarch. Malia was eighteen when she and her family were set loose upon the world. They were scattered but whole, and countries quickly fell to their combined fury. Malia handled the politics, the torture, the fallout, and the rebuilding. Restructuring goverments to suit the families needs, and rebuilding countries in their image. But just as quick as they rose, so too did they also fall. It was no one persons failure, but all their failure. The revolution studied them for years and took them down at their weakest point. But the world goverment that convened to condemn them was not as foolish as she had feared. For instead of death, they were frozen, and sent out into space, to perhaps one day be found and awoken, to help build a new society whole. Malia awoke, not in her pod, facing some confused alien, but in the dirt. Not six feet under, but above ground. There was no Khan, there was no family. There was only her, alone, scared, and confused in a world she could no longer recognize. But Malia still had a purpose. So she would go on, avenge her family by doing the one thing they had been bred for. She would reforge this new world in their name, and devote every action to their memory. She would honour, treasure, and love them, until the day she was set free to once again join them. III.alias age - time zone???[/dohtml]
  26. Chibi took the socks with a thank you, before shoving her small feet into them and curling her toes once they were on. Warm, fluffy socks, a blazing fire, freshly made tea, and solid company? If there was a positive to being stuck in the rain, drenched to the bone, this was it. She pushed herself back up to her feet, then settled into the chair next to him, her eyes going to the ceiling as she tried to think of how long she'd been in Infernum. It'd been late summer, or something like that, right? "A few months? Been staying at the shelter - s'why I didn't have a coat. Mine got stolen." She shrugged some, as if it wasn't a big deal. It sucked that something of hers was taken, but there was a reason her bare few belongings were in her backpack now, especially her lightsabers. They were irreplaceable, compared to everything else that'd come with her. "I've been working at the hospital, myself. Healers are always needed it seems like." It was weird, how even after death, people needed healing and tending to. Wasn't the afterlife supposed to not be filled with pain and injuries? It was supposed to be a peaceful place, where one could rest, rejoin loved ones, and just enjoy any rewards good behavior would have granted. Not... this. Once presented with the tea, she rifled through it, digging out a bag and dipping it in the hot water. "It's no problem, Hanzo. Thank you, for everything. I hadn't expected to run into someone I knew here. Let alone someone that knew me in return." She'd crossed her legs, one over the other when she sat down, and she gently used a spoon to press the tea bag down into the water to help it steep. She had a content smile, just happy to have company she appreciated for a change. He'd changed his outfit and appearance quite a bit, but his appearance was one she'd seen in fanart a lot before her arrival, so it didn't surprise her entirely. "You look really good, by the way."

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